Nov. 1, 2020

Basket of Deplorables

I was reading some threads on Facebook from people who literally hate our President. Here are some terms used in recent history to describe President Trump supporters:
Deplorable, xenophobe, homophobe, racist, low IQ, misogynist, bigot, ugly, dope, chump, lying dog faced pony soldier, hater, Trumpster, stupid, Trumpnista, clown, idiot. I intentionally left many off the list as they are obscene.
What is interesting is the response to these interjections. If you were to use any of these endearing terms toward a Democrat or a leftist in general, there would be an explosive response. However, when used against a Trump supporter you will see an entirely different reaction. Usually a smile and an "okay."
Why is that? Trump supporters have done their homework. Anti-Trumpers rely on the mainstream media for their information. Anti-Trumpers are filled with intolerance for opposing opinions. Trump supporters believe in the Constitution...including the First Amendment. Anti-trumpers are filled with hatred. Trump supporters realize hatred is like drinking poison in order to do in your adversary. You are only killing yourself.
We will either cast our vote or sit at home and complain about the results of an election in which we did not participate. The people choose their leaders in America by voting. If we like them, we reelect them. If not, we vote them out.
There has been much pontificating about how hateful the discourse is. Yet, they always like to include the phrase "from both sides" in their summation. Rarely have I heard anything like the above list from Trump supporters. If it happens at all, then I suppose you can count it as true to include "both sides" in your analysis. However, to say it is equal on both sides is being less than honest.
Election day is Tuesday. If you haven't voted yet, go vote. This is the method as a free and fair country resolves their political
disputes. Choose wisely, not emotionally. Let the chips fall where they may.
God Bless you, and God Bless America!
~Brother Mike