Jan. 26, 2021

The Right To Be Offended

It is no secret that this writer hates, loathes, and despises brussel sprouts. The very thought of them causes a gag reflex. To put it in a nutshell, for someone to mention, let alone consume them in my presence offends me.
Do I have a right to be offended? Think about that before you answer. Being offended is 100% subjective, so is being offensive subjective as well? Not really. You can be offensive and have absolutely no intention of being so. Therefore you have a right to be offensive just as I have a right to be offended.
If someone invited me to their home for supper with their family and had no knowledge of my disdain for brussel sprouts, can they be held accountable for serving them? Of course not. If they did have prior knowledge and served them, I would only question their motives. One motive would be to intentionally offend me. However, another motive would be as a joke to see my reaction. One motive is evil in its intent, the other is not.
It seems to me that in today's PC environment, people are being "offended" by things that shouldn't be offensive at all...even worse than brussel sprouts. How can someone be offended by The Star Spangled Banner? How can someone be offended by The Pledge of Allegiance? How can someone be offended by gender specific locker rooms? How can someone be offended by a red baseball cap?
Do you think that maybe, just maybe, being offended by any of these things might be feigned? Why so? In order to take away your right to be offensive.
It is virtually impossible to NOT be offensive to somebody. It is equally impossible to know exactly what offends anybody.
So what is the answer to this dilemma? This may surprise you with my obvious answer:
GROW THE HELL UP! The universe does not revolve around you.
~Brother Mike