Nov. 2, 2021

Let's Go Brandon

"Let's go Brandon!"
This has become quite the euphemism, hasn't it? It began at the Talladega Superspeedway. Brandon Brown had just won a NASCAR race. Sportscaster Kelli Stavast at one point commented during an interview with Brown afterward how the crowd seemed to be chanting in his honor: ‘Let’s go, Brandon!” I'm not sure if she misunderstood what was being chanted, or she was covering for the embarrassing words of the chant.
"#&$% Joe Biden" had become a rallying chant at College football games, embarrassing news and sportscasters from coast to coast. The word that is used is not one that is used in polite company. However, context is important. The word being used commonly refers crudely to sexual activity. I am convinced the chanters have no desire to have sexual relationships with Joe Biden.
The word in this context means they refuse to give Joe Biden any credibility whatsoever. They will not follow his lead on any matter. He has proven himself to be completely inept at any and all endeavors he has attempted. Everything he has touched has become worse for his input. It is a word of contempt.
The heads of the people on the Left side of the aisle are figuratively exploding. The chant has gone much so that "Let's go Brandon" has replaced the original profane "#&$% Joe Biden" chorus. Why not? It isn't vulgar, even if we do know what it means.
I would never chant the original, but I have no problem chanting the newer. Why? Because the sense of what is being broadcast is valid. I have zero respect for the current occupant of the White House, even if he is my President. I will not abide by his unconstitutional mandates. He has destroyed the economy. He has turned the secure southern border into a sieve. We are no longer energy independent. It costs me an extra $20 to fill my gas tank and rising daily, and that's just the beginning.
There is nothing vulgar about "Let's go Brandon!" and has become a rallying point for those of us who oppose the policies of the current Administration.
Euphamisms have their place in society. In fact, there are many found in the Bible. Many would shock the socks off many Christians if they were familiar with them, but they are in the Bible nevertheless. There are just some things that the younger of us are not prepared to understand. Is there a shock value to the original renderings? Indeed there is, yet they should only be communicated to those who are mature enough to understand why the wording was used in the first place. It is to make a lasting impact on the point being made.
That being said, I say this with all the emphasis and impact of its original form:
~Brother Mike
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