Apr. 30, 2022

Fried Bananas

I went to Wally World to do some grocery shopping. I had been making do with what I had for about 3 weeks, since groceries have become so expensive. Yet, there comes a time that you are going to have to go. You can't eat rice and gravy forever, right?
However, I learned something from a mom and daughter who were shopping for some bananas. They were dissatisfied with the ones that were displayed and were pulling out the boxes that were underneath, which were green. I thought the ones displayed were a little on the green side. They were looking for bananas that were even greener than the ones underneath.
This piqued my interest, so I asked, "Are you looking for green bananas?" The mom didn't appear to be able to converse well in English, so her daughter answered. She said, "We are going to fry them." Delighted, I confided that I had enjoyed that delicacy when I had gone to the Philippines. I had attempted to fry bananas when I had come home, but I had disastrous results.The daughter said, "Oh no, they must be very green."
Now I know where I went wrong! Since the bananas they had examined weren't green enough, I just purchased a few riper ones to enjoy as is.
The way they were fried in the Philippines, the bananas were sliced lengthways in thirds, yet not all the way to the end. As they cooked in the hot oil, they would spread like a fan. After frying both sides, they would coat them in granulated sugar, allowed to cool and put in a plastic sandwich bag. They would sell the concoction for a pisa or two (about 25 cents at the time). Absolutely delicious!
Ahh, good memories brought back at Wally World of all places.
~Brother Mike