May. 26, 2022

Mental Illness

"If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself."
I wish I had a quarter for every time I've heard that. Why haven't the factcheckers investigated that one? It is a patently false statement. There are many, many things in our lives that we believe we can fix, even though it is absolutely impossible for us to adequately correct. Yet, we try anyway.
With the prompting from the current resident of the White House, his sycophants have come out of the woodwork with their criticisms, accusations and answers to the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. Every one of them are offering worldly answers to a spiritual problem.
School shootings have been becoming more frequent since the horrendous Columbine slaughter. Many new policies, programs, restrictions and no gun zones have all come and gone since then. Worldly answers to spiritual problems.
In Genesis 2:18 it is recorded that the LORD God says it is not good (beneficial) that man be alone. The Uvalde shooter appeared to be a loner, however he actually wasn't. He was united via the internet with like minded misfits and social outcasts.
What is missing in the lives of these mentally unstable souls? God. The Lord Jesus Christ. The anointing (empowerment) of the Holy Spirit. Finger pointing is prevalent in this scenario as well. Fatherless homes; lack of discipline; no direction; no Church attendance.
Church attendance? Which raises the question: Which one? I'm sure you are thinking your own Church/denomination. That may be a problem. Does your Church/denomination teach that should you err in any way,.God will condemn you to eternal torment? That is not only error, it is repulsive. The disturbed have enough problems without adding sitting through sermons that tell them God will never accept them if they err.
Don't invite people to your Church/denomination. Tell them about Jesus Christ and what He can do in their life and eternity. Invite them to accept God's Gift to the human race. Many Christians are guilty of turning souls away from the Church by telling them what the Church expects of them rather than what we have to offer.
Just like America strives to be a "more perfect" nation, we strive to be "more perfect" Christians. We are in the process of being perfected, which means we are being equipped with the Word of God and how it applies to our own lives. Yet, it is all for nought without Jesus.
America desperately needs to turn back to God through Jesus Christ. Reach out your hand so they'll understand, you love them for Christ's sake. Now, before it is too late.
It's the Spiritual answer to a worldly problem.
~Brother Mike