Jul. 7, 2022

Print Shop Humor

I worked yesterday, but I didn't deem it as excessively difficult. However, when I woke up this morning I was a little on the stiff side. After 3 or 4 cups of coffee and letting Ella out to do her duty, I felt loosened up enough to go and put in a half a day.
I got to work about 10:30 or so. After I clocked in, I went to get a bottle of ice from the freezer in the breakroom. (I use it in my water recirculater to keep the temperature under 70°). One of the salesmen was going in the breakroom at the same time. I mentioned to David that I must be getting old 'cause I'm as stiff as all get out.
David's response was classic print shop humor: "Are you saying the rigarmortis is setting in?" LOL!!
I didn't see that one coming,.but I have filed it in one of my brain wrinkles for future use!
~Brother Mike a/k/a the old man in the shop