Aug. 1, 2022

Love Your Pup Like They Love You

I let Ella out so we could go chase each other around the car in the driveway. Childish for a 70 year old man, huh? I don't think so. Ella is 3 years old, has a lot of energy, and she just loves to play this game...especially since she is the one who created. On top of that, I love playing it with her.
Our game was interrupted when Ella's attention was distracted when the neighbor's daughter came home. My neighbor has a little dog that she cherishes. We wave at each other when our "doggie walks" happen at the same time. Her daughter and son in law have apparently moved in with her, which is fine with the hard times hitting us all.
It seems her daughter has acquired a dog. When she pulled into the driveway, the little dog was excited to see her and began to voice her excitement. This was what distracted Ella and me from our ring around the Ford game. Instead of greeting the dog and showing she appreciated the dog's love equally, she began yelling at the dog, that she needs to "shut the hell up!"
I don't know if Ella understood the words or not, as I have never said that to her. However, she appeared to understand the tone, as her usually perked up ears dropped down. She looked at me with saddened eyes. I told her, "I'll never do that to you, Sweety. I love you too much." I asked her if she was ready to go back in. Her ears perked back up and ran to the front door with her little tail nub wagging to beat the band.
Ella is my companion. She is my friend. I talk to her all the time and she's a darned good listener. We talk about the movie we're watching. We talk politics and I am convinced she is a diehard Conservative and loves President Trump. Yeah, we are that close.
My neighbor's daughter does not understand the unconditional love of a dog of the canine persuasion. If you don't love your dog similarly, I question whether you should have acquired the dog in the first place.
I pray my neighbor's daughter finds a new forever home for that fur baby tied up in the backyard. What she is doing is not illegal, but it sure is heartless.
I tell this true story to say this: Love your pup as much as they love you. You both will be better for it. Amen
~Brother Mike