Aug. 20, 2022

Land of Milk and Honey?

The Southern border is a disaster. Brandon is completely clueless or intentionally attempting to destroy America. Over 2 MILLION illegal migrants have entered and been released within our borders, not to mention the 1 MILLION "got aways". All in less than 2 years.
Texas Governor Abbott has tried to secure the Texas border as best he can, but it is next to impossible without Federal assistance. After all, it is a Federal issue. As a novel idea, he started bussing the illegal immigrants to Washington DC. The DC Mayor provided much bellyaching about what to do, what to do. There were 1000 or so sent there. That is no where near the 500 per day that Abbott is experiencing.
Many of these Illegal immigrants found their way to New York City. Now the New York Mayor is bellyaching and entering into a word war with Governor Abbott, who responded by bussing them to New York City. DC and NYC have gotten the attention of the Federal government, not that they are going to do anything about it.
Now DC and NYC are putting up the illegal immigrants in high end hotels! This is insane! How is that going to deter more illegal immigration?!
Can you picture the flyers that the drug cartels (which have gone to the more profitable human trafficking trade) are passing around in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and Venezuela? Maybe they're buying radio ads featuring "Coming to America" by Neil Diamond playing in the background.
FREE LODGING! And not just some tent!
COME NOW and get free lodging at the beautiful WALDORF ASTORIA!!!
This is pure INSANITY !
The Democrats think I am heartless and mean for thinking this is as wrong as wrong can get.
There are many, many other problems other than the Southern border: Infaltion, ridiculous gas prices, $BILLIONS sent to Ukraine to protect THEIR borders (what about our own borders?), no baby formula, supply chain disruptions, fentanyl and other dangerous drugs killing our citizens, and the IRS hiring on 80,000 new agents and ARMING them!
We are on the edge of collapse gang! We can't go on like this!
"What can I do about it?" you might ask.
VOTE! Vote out the source of this garbage: DEMOCRATS! If a candidate has a (D) next to their name, vote them out! Do your research, if they are Republicans in name only (RINO) vote their sorry butts out as well! Wyoming did their homework on this and FIRED Liz Chaney in the primary, it was a blowout!
The next step will be difficult for some, but as easy as falling off a log backwards for many. When he announces, and he will, support and VOTE for DONALD J TRUMP for President!
I know he is brash. I know he is not politically correct. I know he is 100% unpredictable. I know when you go against him, he will hammer you. I know he sends off "mean tweets". At this point in American history, I don't care.
Trump always puts America first. He has uncanny instincts. Our adversaries don't have a clue what he is going to do. He had an exit plan for Afghanistan and it would have worked had it been followed. But since it was Trump's plan, Brandon threw it in the dumpster.
We had a booming economy under Trump. Gas prices were close to $1 a gallon. No supply chain issues. Employment for Blacks, women, Hispanics, Asians, high school educated and below were at all time highs. Trump has the audacity to kick against the pricks (biblical reference to those who work against you).
Look at the viciousness of the attacks against him. He has withstood them all. We need him as President. It has been said, "If you can't stand the heat, get out if the kitchen." Trump knows the "heat" that is in the "kitchen" of the Presidency, and he is eager to get back in there. He has become filthy rich by being a real estate tycoon, so it isn't for the money.
He wants EVERYONE to prosper as he has.
~Brother Mike