Mar. 24, 2017

Gay Talk

My daughter recently started a thread on her Facebook about gay marriages. It is of Amber’s opinion that what goes on behind closed doors is no one’s business but their own. That’s my fault because that’s what I taught her as her mother. I made a few hit and miss comments, mostly in jest but for the most part, I’ve enjoyed watching her friends banter back and forth over the subject of being a homosexual and how it pertains to the government, legalities, social and religious acceptance and so on.

Ellie put a religious and political spin on the subject. Penny, too, voiced her opinion. I really expected Nick to jump on the bandwagon when Ellie brought up religion and politics as he’s usually up for a good debate. Nick stayed out of it this time. My favorite postings were that of Lamar and Jon. All of them had very valid points even if the original topic (what business is it of yours what someone’s sexual orientation is?) was brought around to something else. Autumn, another of Amber’s friends, is openly lesbian and married to another woman. She had a lot to say. Whew! For what it’s worth, Autumn had very valid and excellent points to her rants as well.

I remember a time when being gay was whispered about. I’ve whispered it (as if I really know how to whisper). I have stood alongside my nephew, who is openly gay, and pointed out different men and said, “They’re gay!”

“No, Aunt Michelle, they are not. They are straight,” he’d rebuttal.

Not to be overruled I‘d say, “They are too gay! What do you know about being gay?”

I think it’s hysterical when people put the religious spin on being a homosexual. Here are some typical comments you’ve probably heard or even said yourself from both sides: 
“Being gay is an unforgivable sin.” 

Uhm, no, it is not. Nowhere in the Bible does it ever say that. You can be forgiven once the practice has stopped. I do wish people would read the Scriptures before they try to quote them.

“We live in the days of the New Testament and it is not mentioned there, so it’s no longer an abomination.” 

Actually, it is mentioned directly and indirectly in the book of Romans. Christ tells the disciples, “The Father loves us all, no matter our sin, we only need to accept him (Christ) as His son, the Son of Man.” as well as other Scriptures pertaining to homosexual activity.

“It says clearly in the Bible it is a sin and man should not lay with man as he would with a woman!” 

Yes, it sure does say that. However, it also says lying is a sin and we’ve all been guilty of that. As a matter of fact, lying is such a significant sin that it was written by God’s own finger on a stone tablet called, The Ten Commandments. There are nine others if you want to look them up and see where you fall short.

“It is sodomy and that’s why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah,” 
says the man who indulges in anal sex with his wife (she told me). What? Did you think just because it’s done with a woman it makes it okay?

And, if you follow the Scripture’s story, after Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by “fire and brimstone,” Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt when the angels had warned them not to look back. Lot, so depressed over the loss of his wife, drank to inebriation which is also a sin! The Bible does not say we cannot drink, it says we cannot be inebriated, drunk. After all, Christ did drink the fermented fruit. Without refrigeration and processing techniques, his wine was much stronger than ours is today.

Many ask, how do I explain to my child about same sex marriage? I guess the same way you explain marriage between a man and a woman: they're two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. It may work, it may not. 

“Isn’t it a sin against the Bible, Mommy?” Asks Little Johnny. 

“Yes, Sweetheart, it sure is. So is stealing Timmy’s GI Joe Action Figure because you’re jealous of him having it instead of you. And, do you remember when your brother shot all those people at his school and killed them? That was a sin too. But thank God neither of you are gay!”

For the record, I don’t judge anyone who is gay. That is not my place. What you do behind closed doors is strictly your business and frankly, the government should not be in your bedroom either. If you want to get married, do it. I’m happy for you. I will rejoice and bask in your glow of happiness. I will support you as a fellow human being who has feelings, emotions and a heart. And, when asked on Judgment Day, why I did that, well, I won’t really have to answer, will I? God knows my heart and he’ll know I did so because I loved you with all of mine.

“Tis not for us to judge
Nor giggle and nudge. 
It is for us to love 
And let the man above, 
Be the one to judge.” 
- Michelle Cox