Mar. 24, 2017

The Christian Baker


I’ve been seeing a lot of controversy regarding the Christian baker who refused to sell a gay couple a wedding cake. I’ve kept my opinions to myself about it until now.

First, and foremost, I think it’s hilarious. So what if the man doesn’t want to sell the gay couple a cake. There are other bakers, go there instead. He reserves the right to serve whomever he chooses whether anyone likes it or not. But, to compare him to a Christian firearms dealer is ludicrous and one situation has nothing to do with the other.

The sale of firearms does not compromise one’s religious beliefs. There’s nothing wrong with condoning the use of a gun as it doesn’t affect a relationship with God. God did not say we are not allowed to hunt, after all, guess how Moses got lamb meat for sacrifices – oops! He killed them and in a more gruesome way than with a bullet.

The reasons are unknown to most gun dealers as to why a person is seeking to purchase a rifle, automatic, handgun or whatever. It’s not as if anyone puts on their application, “Need gun to kill mother-in-law.”

On the other hand, selling a cake to a gay couple does not affect a relationship with God, either. It’s a sale, that’s it. Do you think child molesters and rapists come into a bakery and say, “Hello, I need a cake to celebrate the raping of my wife’s 12 year-old sister?”

You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and when you do, you should mind your own business. For all you know, the wedding cake the gay couple was just denied may have been sold to a mass murderer five minutes later. I’m sure the baker does not condone that activity, either.

The bottom line is, God says to love all and do not judge. Anyway, that’s my opinion. I’ll step down from my soapbox now.