The Paranormal & Supernatural

May. 14, 2019

Written by, Karoline Cigan Eisnor

I live in Hastings, Ontario, Canada and I have my own paranormal team. My team and I have done a lot of investigations: some with no results and some with the most amazing results you have ever seen.

We have investigated a few grave yards. Once we had an evil spirit that followed us around the graveyard. The investigation I speak of  is in Warkworth Cemetery in Warkworth, Ontario, Canada. I was never in my life so terrified, because this man (spirit) was behind us from the moment we came into the graveyard. He continued to follow us everywhere we went.

One of my paranormal team members was with me. She was walking behind me videotaping the investigation while I was voice recording. We could hear someone walking behind us during the taping. The hairs on my arms stood right up.

We stopped and listened. Then we decided to walk again and, again, we could hear the third set of footsteps. Mind you, there were only two of us walking so, by this time I was getting a very uneasy feeling as we were going forward in the hunt.

In spite of it, we kept investigating and at one point, my son, Joey, called out to us to come and see this particular gravesite as he was in another part of the cemetery. We went to him and I noticed the grave had no grass and no flowers, only dirt on it.

I will never forget the name after that gravesite visit, “McVety.” He was born sometime in the 1940s and died quite young. He was in his early twenties when he died. I was never so scared in my whole entire life as that night. Needless to say, I only made it through ten minutes of the investigation before I had to get out of there.

He followed us as we ran from the cemetery. While we were sitting in the car, we could hear him walking around it. We even heard children laughing and giggling. I snapped a few pictures from inside and we could see what looked like to be orbs around us. 

I did try to research the young man since I had the year of birth, year of death, and his name, but nothing ever turned up. I couldn’t find anything. However, that does not negate the fact that he was a very dark entity, or spirit, who dwells in Warkworth Cemetery.

***This is an actual photo of Warkworth Cemetery 

May. 8, 2019

I had gone to a known haunted house to do an interview with the couple who reside there. Even if I had not been told of the home’s history of being haunted, I would have known as soon as we pulled into the drive. The paranormal aspect of the house is very strong and prevalent.

We went in and conducted the interview. The couple is very pleasant and they had much to share about their home. It has a bit of local fame to it as it is the last standing Rhem House built by the Rhem brothers in the late 1800s.

After the interview, I had the honor of being given a tour of this beautiful home. I snapped several pictures, all of which, I didn’t see anything out of the norm at the time. It wasn’t until I got home and unloaded the pictures that I noticed things. I called my hostess on the phone and we discussed some of the snapshots of which I have written about and even posted in past articles.

Fast-forward a year. I was finished with the photos and intended to clean out my folders and delete files when I opened one of the last photo’s I had taken inside the house. It was of my favorite room.

The room was so elegant with a hint of nostalgia. I had stepped just inside the threshold so as to get as much of the room in the snapshot as I could without distorting the elegance of the view. The antique curio cabinet in the back corner by the brick fireplace only added to its allure.

I noticed something that I did not see when I took the picture. It was a face. I immediately called my hostess and sent her the file. She saw three faces, and was able to name the person (a past owner) in one of them. She even returned a file with the late owner’s photograph; it’s her.

I showed it to my son who swears, it’s our own reflection, but again. We stood at the threshold of the room; the glass cabinet is in the back so there’s no way it is of our reflection. Even so, how do you explain Mrs. Rhem’s face being in the glass reflection with the other two faces?

Do tell: can anyone else see the faces in the reflection of the curio cabinet?

NOTE: In the picture, I saw something “foreign” that made me take a second look. I blew up the photo, which I don’t know how to save the blown up view. If you can save it, enlarge it, and you’ll see her plain as day. She’s even wearing an old fashion hat.

Apr. 10, 2019

I was at work one night and went outside to smoke a cigarette. As I sat down in the patio chair at the table and lit one up, I noticed this bat sitting in the tree about 100 feet away from me. It was a moonlit night so I could make out his form as he sat perched on the thick branches.

It wasn’t a normal bat, though. This thing was huge. If it were on the ground, I’d have to say he was probably several feet tall. I remember feeling very uneasy...very. I knew that as sure as I sat watching him, he was watching me.

I smoked the 120s, the extra-long cigarettes so half of the smoke later, I decided to put it out and go inside. I was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. All of a sudden, the bat flew away. He spread his wings and took off soaring into the sky. His wingspan had to have been six-eight feet wide. I quickly put out my smoke and went inside the facility.

I don’t always tell people what happens when things happen because I like to think about it and process it in my head first. That’s what I did with this information; I kept it to myself for now.

I went out a couple of hours later and the same thing happened. This time, though, the bat turned completely around to look at me. Apparently, when I walked outside, he had his back to me. I pulled the chair away from the table and closer to the door as I sat down to smoke another cigarette. I saw him turning around. There was no mistaking what he was doing.

I truly did not know if I was seeing what I was seeing. I thought I was completely wrong and what I was seeing was not real so, I sat down to smoke my cigarette. Quietly, as we looked at one another, I started thinking about his expansive wings and questioning my own recollection of them.

However, as if reading my thoughts, the bat took off in flight again. This particular time, he flew around in a circle, as if showing me his wings were real, and then resumed his perch on the branch. I jumped up and went back inside. I was scared to death because I realized, I had not been imagining anything at all. Needless to say, I had decided that in the future, I would take my smoke breaks elsewhere.

I went in and the nurse from the other nursing station saw my face. She and her orderly were at the nurses’ desk talking as I was passing by when I ran into the building.

“What has gotten into you?” Glenda asked laughing at my demeanor. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost up close and personal.”

“There’s plenty of them around here, too,” Robert added, also laughing.

I caught my breath and explained, “There’s a bat out there with a wingspan of about six to eight feet wide!” Both laughed and I repeated it again with insistence, “I’m not kidding. I’ve seen it twice!”

A few minutes later, after humorously taking jabs at me, Robert bravely announces, “I’m going to go outside and smoke a cigarette. I want to check out this huge bat with eight-foot wings.”

I noticed he didn’t stay out there too long. I was still at the nurses’ desk talking to my co-worker when he came back inside.

“Did you see it?” I asked.

Robert waved me off and grabbed his laundry barrels. As he started down the hall he said, “I’m not going to talk about it.”

And, he didn’t say anything about it, either, for about ten years. Robert and I were hanging out together one day (he was a family friend) and I brought up the bat creature. Robert laughed and shook his head.

“What happened, Robert? Did you see it?” I inquired.

He nodded his head and laughed again. “I saw it,” he confirmed. “When that bitch took off flying, I threw my cigarette down and ran back inside. Don’t you ever tell I saw it, either. You know how I am. I don’t talk about things like that, but I’ll tell you this, it scared the hell out of me.”

Neither of us knew what it was. A year or two later, the movie, The Mothman Prophecies came out and we both wondered if what we saw was a Mothman. It never bothered us, as in, it didn’t haunt us or cause us bad luck, even though it was very evident and very present.

Sometimes I think about the creature, even now, and wonder if maybe it was because we didn’t pose a threat to it. We just accepted it was there and let it be. I will say this, though, Robert nor I, ever saw it again after that night.

Apr. 7, 2019

Many years ago, I was doing a training course, as a Registered Nurse at a very old Home for the Mentally infirm, called a "Lunatic Asylum" sadly back in the day. I was working some night shifts and had access to the upper floors of the old building.

One night in particular, I had heard rhythmic and prolonged banging from upstairs, thinking there may be someone in trouble up there I went up at around 1am. The lengthy attics were absolutely empty, but the noise was horrific up there, so bad, bits of dust and wood were being dislodged from the old ceiling.

Returning worried to the lower floors, I noted the noise had stopped, and upon asking other staff who had worked there for a while that the noise was indeed real.

Back in the day it was deemed fit to place mentally ill patients in a bath with a wooden cover over the top, literally holding them in as a "treatment" for their condition. The constant banging was the due to the fists and feet of the unfortunate people banging on the boards until they were released.

I have never forgotten that noise, or felt such an unhappy atmosphere. The old building was partially demolished later, and expensive flats replaced the Victorian pile. Hope you found this interesting, I have many more I can share.

By Heather Long

Apr. 3, 2019

Do you believe in angels? Do you think they exist? After my own experience with angels, I know they do exist. It was such an amazing experience that I cannot even begin to describe the feeling one gets from being in their presence.

I was sharing my own encounter with my niece when she said, “Oh, I know they exist. I’ve had experiences that can only be acts of an angel; something from above.”

I know my niece has had a very strong Christian upbringing and don’t doubt her for a minute. I was very intrigued as angels present themselves to us all the time so, I asked her to elaborate and share her story.

“I was with my sister so, she can collaborate the story, too,” my niece began. “We were driving down this road, and it was dark. We could hardly see a foot in front of us when all of a sudden the car just stopped.

“We got out to look and we were like three inches from going over a cliff. We both knew that an angel had saved us from certain death. It happened again a few years later. It was my sister and I again and the same thing happened, the car just stopped for no reason. If we had kept going, we would have been killed.”

There were no guard rails at the time to prevent drivers, or even warn drivers, of treacherous driving areas. What stopped the car and saved them from impending death? My niece went on to tell me that was not the first time she’d been saved by what she said was an angel.

She was new to the area and trying to make friends when this encounter took place. “I was about seventeen then and we had just moved to Michigan when my parents took my brother and went on vacation. I was looking for some people to hang out with when I ran up with a group who asked if I wanted to go to a party with them so, I said yes and got in the car.

“They drove out towards the woods. The farther we drove, the more secluded it became and I suddenly had the feeling that I was in danger. I knew something bad was going to happen to me if I didn’t get away. Then, out of nowhere this car pulls up along side of us and this guy, in his pajamas, jumps out and comes over to the car.

“He said, ‘does anyone here need a ride home?’ and I raised my hand and said, ‘I do!’ then I got out and went with the guy in his PJ’s. It’s crazy, but I felt safer with him!”

“And he took you home?” I asked to clarify he didn’t just drop her off in a safer part of town and continue to let her fend for herself.

“Yeah, he took me home,” my niece confirmed. “Aunt Michelle, he came out of nowhere and then just as suddenly as he appeared, he disappeared after dropping me off.”

I shared my experience with someone else of Christian faith. I had male and female angels too meaning, they had specific genders. The person I shared with said that angels do not have genders so it was odd that my angels did.

However, because man is simple minded, compared to our angelic friends, these celestial beings present themselves in forms we understand: men and women. The angels who came to see Moses were male and likewise, those who visited Lot were also male.

I have had a few other experiences where an angel’s presence has been made known to me. To this very day, I will tell you that I know their hand was at play and I am alive today because of it.