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Aug. 1, 2022

August is National Dog Month

1. Raspberry cream pie Day

2. Coloring book Day

3. Grab some nuts Day

4. Chocolate chip cookie Day

5. Work like a dog Day

6. Mustard Day

7. Raspberry N Cream Day

8. National Dollar Day

9. Book Lovers Day

10. Orange awareness Day

11. Raspberry Bomb Day

12. Middle child Day

13. Filet Mignon Day

14. Creamsicle Day

15. Relaxation Day

16. Rum Day

17. Thrift Shop Day

18. Fajita Day

19. Soft ice cream Day

20. Chocolate Pecan pie Day

21. Spumoni Day

22. Pecan Torte Day

23. Sponge cake Day

24. Peach pie Day

25. Whiskey Sour Day

26. Cherry popsicle Day

27. Just because Day

28. Cherry turnover Day

29. Lemon Juice Day

30. Grief awareness Day

31. Trail Mix Day

Aug. 4, 2021

When my husband and I had some work done to our house, we had to stay in a hotel for a few months. We stayed at Wyndham’s Baymont, room 113. At first, my phone was acting up. I would have to leave the room and sit out in the breezeway to talk on it. Eventually, my husband’s phone started doing the same… we thought nothing of it.

 One night, my husband was called into work. As he left, he told me he’d be in around 6 in the morning. I woke up in the middle of the night and he was laying next to me with his back to me. I reached out and stroked his back, then turned over and looked at my phone to see what time it was: 2:27am. He had gotten in early.

The next morning, he got up around 9 and I said to him, “I see you got in early last night.”

He said, “Yeah, but not too early. It was around 5:00.”

“No,” I insisted, “I woke up around 2:30 and you were laying next to me.”

He said, “It wasn’t me. I was in Columbia at that time.”

I put it down that I was just dreaming: that’s all it was and didn’t let it bother me.

Two weeks before we left, he had to go into work again and said he’d be in around 5:00 in the morning. I woke up around that time to the sound of the hotel door opening up.

My husband was standing there looking at me. As he shut the door behind him, he said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to wake you up.”

I sat up on the side of the bed and told him, “It’s okay. I have to go to the bathroom anyway.”

“Okay,” he said apologetically. “I’m going to go ahead and walk the dogs then. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I trotted past him to the bathroom and when I came back out, the dogs were still in the room and he was gone. I opened the door looking for his truck but the truck wasn’t there so I called him on the phone.

“Where did you go?” I asked when he picked up.

“What do you mean?”

“You said you were going to go walk the dogs and when I came out of the bathroom, you had left and the dogs were still here.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked confused. “I’m still in Charleston. I have to work late and won’t be home until around 8:00.”

I am so glad we left that hotel and that room.

(Photo used is not my own, but a random picture)


Mar. 20, 2021

Once we had decided to have our home blessed, nothing paranormal happened for months; no footsteps, no noises. Melody, the cat stopped freaking out and watching unseen people walk around so she calmed down, too. I started to think maybe I was over exaggerating and put off taking my brother’s sound advice to have the house blessed.

Then the footsteps returned. The cat began stalking unseen visitors and sometimes running out of the room with her scathing meows. The noises came back as did the pacing dark figure in my bedroom. Things began moving by themselves. Like the wire whisk had done, one of my shirts in my closet started rocking back and forth on its own while the rest of the clothes on either side of it remained idle.

One night, I was awakened by someone leaning over me, like they were going to kiss me. They brushed my hair back from my face and I opened my eyes thinking it was my husband only to find no one was there! I convinced myself I had been dreaming and let it drop.

Not long after the phantom kiss, I was lying in bed. The light in my son’s old bedroom came on and I could hear someone loudly moving things around in there. The room is now used to put stuff into instead of having to crawl into the attic.

I called out my husband’s name; no answer but the light went off and the noise stopped. A few minutes later, the light came back on and the rearranging of things began again. This time, I called his name a little louder thinking my husband didn’t hear me the first time. Again, the light went off and the movements stopped. The third time the light came on and he started moving things around, I got really irritated because I had to get up at five in the morning for work and he was disturbing me.

When I got out of bed, I could still see the light on under the door and hear the boxes being moved. I snatched open the door and snapped, “What are you doing in here!”

The room was dark and empty. I was a little shaken up but didn’t want to admit what had just happened. Instead, I went out to the living room telling myself I had obviously just missed him being in there. I tried to remain calm as I asked, “What were you doing in the spare room?”

What are you talking about?” he said sitting on the couch.

He and my son looked at me like I was crazy.

Dad has been sitting here the whole time,” my son insisted along with his father. “Neither one of us have moved.”

I was so upset. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night and had to call one of my staff nurses in to cover me the following morning. She, being a Christian, and being aware of everything going on, including the phone call to my brother, Karl, said, “You need to do something soon, Michelle. You know your brother and sister are right - it is not your father.”

I agreed. However, I put off calling the pastor again. By this time, my nephew, Kevin, had moved in with us and was sharing a room with my son. They alternated sleeping in my son’s bedroom and couch (their choice) until we cleaned out the spare room and put a bed in there for Kevin. Besides, the last thing I wanted was for Kevin to go back and tell his father I was losing my mind having the house blessed and exorcised of ghosts.

After Kevin had slept on the couch one night I awoke to his complaints about me “stomping to the refrigerator” several times during the night.

I knew what he was talking about right away. Instead of addressing it though, I said, “How could you hear anyone walking around in the kitchen? You fell asleep with the TV on again.”

That’s what I’m saying, Aunt Michelle. You were stomping around in there so hard even the glasses in the cupboard were shaking. Besides, every time you opened the fridge, the light would shine in here too.”

Some mornings, Kevin would complain about me rattling the pots and pans the previous night. He’d chastise me saying, “What were you going to cook at three in the morning?”

I remembered my brother’s complaints from years earlier but said nothing. It was obvious that this entity was drawn to me, all the more reason people I shared this story with insisted it was my father’s ghost.

I was afraid of this entity, this ghost that haunted my house. If it were my father’s ghost, as everyone insisted it were, I should not have been afraid of it and here, I was very unnerved by the presence. I no longer slept with the light off. I kept the bathroom light on as a night light. My husband used to joke about buying me a Mickey Mouse night-light. I accepted his offer. Although he was joking, I wasn’t.

About a month after Kevin had moved in with us, I found the straw that broke the camel’s back. Again, I was lying in bed. I had my eyes closed but was very wide awake. I had the distinct impression someone was staring at me.

I remember smirking a little thinking it was my husband trying to sneak up on me. I opened my eyes and saw, standing right next to me, no more than a foot away, the silhouette of a little boy and he was inching closer and closer to me.

I gasped in surprise, very loudly, and rolled backwards in the bed, away from the shadow. He stopped. Then all of a sudden, as if caught sneaking up on me, he ran away. I watched his shadow move along the walls as he exited my bedroom. Believe me when I say, it wasn’t Peter Pan! The pastor was at my house two days later.

The pastor came and blessed the house while I was at work. I asked everyone who was home, “Did he go to every room in the house?”

Yes, yes, every room - especially your bedroom.”

That was on a Wednesday when the pastor came. That Monday, Kevin was in the bedroom sleeping since he had to get up early for work the next morning. All of a sudden he burst through the door into the living room.

Aunt Michelle, you need to call the pastor back. I just saw a dark shadowy figure pacing back and forth at the end of the bed. He was going from one side to the other like he didn’t know what to do and then, all of a sudden, he vanished into the wall.”

Kevin,” I scolded. “We just had the house blessed! If you keep talking about things like that, you will only invite it back!”

I swear, Aunt Michelle, I swear, I saw it. I tried to call Reese but he wouldn’t answer his phone.”

You did not call me,” my son insisted. “My phone is sitting right here. I would have heard it ring.”

Check it,” Kevin demanded. “I called you twice!” Reese looked at his phone and sure enough, he had two missed calls. “I’m not lying about this. I’m keeping the bedroom door open tonight.”

That was Monday night following the blessing. On Thursday, as I was cleaning some shelves off and putting things in boxes for the yard sale we were having the following weekend, I came across some Tarot Cards my husband had given me for Christmas one year. The same year my father had passed away.

I called my brother, Karl, and brought him up to date on what’s happened. I also told him what I found. “Do you think these could have something to do with what’s going on?”

Well yeah,” he declared laughing. “I asked if you had a Ouija Board.”

But this is not a Ouija Board, Karl. I wouldn’t have one in my house. These are Tarot Cards.”

Which are nothing more than a Ouija Board in card form. Get rid of them, and fast!”

I heeded his warning and nothing else has happened since I got rid of the Tarot Cards. Nonetheless, the experience, ten years long, did not leave me or, even my son, unscarred.

Although my daughter’s old bedroom is no longer an ice-box, my son still prefers to sleep in the living room. He’s wary of any sudden noises or movements inside the house. The cat stays close to him for protection. After all, he is her Mommy.

For me, I still have a hard time sleeping in my bedroom, with or without my husband. I’m constantly looking and listening, just in case. If I do sleep in my room, I sleep with the lights when my husband isn’t there. Make no mistake, if I so much as think something has returned, I will be on the phone faster than you can say “Ghostbusters” and calling in reinforcements.

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Mar. 20, 2021

Since I’ve always resented that schools teach evolution, but not Creation, we had decided we were going to start having Bible Studies. Our intent was to read the whole book from start to finish.

The first week we started reading the Bible was the week before my son’s end-of-the-summer party. Suffice to say, the paranormal activity in my home increased remarkably. Unbeknownst to me, the physical contact I had previously been experiencing was just the beginning as things went from bad to worse.

From the corner of his eye my son would see the dog walk up to him. When he would turn to bend down and pet her, she wouldn’t be there. Instead, she would be across the room, still asleep on the floor.

While he sat at his work table one afternoon, I saw him, from my peripheral vision, get up and go into the kitchen. All of a sudden the cabinet doors opened and slammed shut with a loud bang. I jerked my head around to look as see why he was slamming the cupboards but no one was in the kitchen. I looked over at my son’s work area and there he sat.

I thought that was you,” I said, startled by the event.

I thought it was you! I just saw you get up and walk into the kitchen,” he insisted staring at me in disbelief.


One morning my husband got out of our bed and went into the bathroom. We had a king sized waterbed with a motionless mattress but you can still feel the bed jiggle when a person gets in and out of it, therefore, I knew he’d gotten out of bed.

A few minutes later, I felt the covers lift up and he get back in. I waited for him to get situated and then I rolled over to hug him. As I rolled over and threw my arm out, I realized, I was in bed alone or, so it would appear. Some “thing” had gotten into bed with me.

I can’t remember a time I had ever moved so fast. I was up and out of the bed screaming my husband’s name. My husband came running from the bathroom and I told him what had happened. He thought it was funny. I didn’t. I was too terrified to get back into the bed.

Several weeks later, I was lying in bed with my back to him. I felt him move in closer to me and stroke my hair. I reached up to take his hand as I had done so many times before and couldn’t find it. I rolled over to ask him why he moved his hand when I saw he was way on the other side of the bed with his back to me, sound asleep.

I waited until the following day to call my brother, Karl, who lives in Arizona. He’s studied theology, is very active in his church, and even preaches. I love to hear his sermons. I frequently get them off You Tube.

With my family full of overly religious zealots, I felt awkward about the phone call. But, he was the only sane person I felt I could talk to and get any sound advice from about this situation.

I remember trying to tell my sister about some of the ghostly happenings and her yelling at me, “They’re not ghosts! It is not your father haunting you; he’s dead. They are demons!”

Yeah, okay, I get that, Sharon,” I agreed, “But when you’re talking to your neighbor about them, you don’t say things like, ‘I have a demon haunting my house.’ They lock you away in rubber rooms for saying things like that. Normal people call them ghosts!”

Much to my relief, Karl was very understanding. I explained to him the events leading up to the phone calls. “Well, first, you know even in her lunacy, Sharon is right. God is very clear on this matter. We will sleep until the time Jesus comes and then, only then, will we rise up to either join him … or not,” he laughed.

Second, do not communicate with it. Don’t try to converse with the entity because that is giving it permission to stay. And, it will trick you in every way possible to make you talk to it.”

You mean like, knock on the door so you’ll tell it to come in,” I asked.

Yeah, something like that. Third, do you have a Ouija board in the house?”

Hell no!”

Karl laughed again as I adamantly denied having one. “Many think it’s just a toy but really it isn’t. Again, the Bible talks about them and God is very clear, it’s a no-no.”

So what do I do?”

The first thing you do is get the house blessed and as soon as possible because it will only get worse until you do.”

When I finally made the decision to have the house blessed, I announced it to my family. They were okay with it. The pastor was out of town though on vacation so I had to wait a week. By the time he’d come back home, everything in our home had calmed down considerably, almost to a stop.

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Mar. 20, 2021

I hated our bedroom. Apparently, so did our cat Melody. I felt uncomfortable in there during our haunting and even after we cleansed the house. I used to say that I was scarred, often making jokes about it, but in truth, I do believe I was scarred.

I would sometimes lay in bed and for several seconds, watch a figure, more like a shadow person (male), pace across the foot of the bed then come up to my husband’s side of the bed before repeating the steps. Finally, the entity would walk out the door toward the living room.

It became so frequent that I started asking my husband to stay in the bedroom with me most nights and watch TV until I at least fell asleep.

According to my religious beliefs, I do not believe these spirits to be our long lost loved ones. The Bible teaches us that when we die, we sleep. We will continue sleeping until the time of Resurrection.

It also teaches us the Devil is very deceptive. He’s the inventor of lies and in attempts to deceive us, he uses trickery. He uses the spirit world and we call them ghosts.

Knowing these Bible truths, I felt sure it wasn’t my father’s spirit as many, including myself, (jokingly) said it was. Instead, I felt whatever it was, was attempting to convince me that it was my dad.

Melody was more in-tuned than we were. I guess being a cat, she would be. Many times, she would stop whatever she was doing, even napping, and sit up watching something, or someone unseen passing by.

She and I silently endured and learned to cope with the ghostly manifestations taking place in our home. I tolerated it with nonchalance until it started making its presence in-mistakenly known by making physical contact with me.

I was sitting at my desk one afternoon while my son, whom I was home-schooling, did his school work. My hair was down around my shoulders, hanging a little more in the front. I felt someone come up and lovingly stroke my hair like my father used to do. I felt my hair as it was being pulled back off my shoulders. Not a strand or two, it was the whole lock of hair.

I looked up to see if it was my son but he was across the room at his work table with his cat. Melody was sitting up straight and at attention while staring very intently at the space beside me.

I had noticed Melody had been doing that quite a lot lately; sitting up straight and at attention as she seem to follow invisible things with her eyes. At times, she would even run from the room with a scathing meow.

She was the only animal in the house that responded to “situations.” the dogs seemed oblivious.

We tolerated many more of these ghostly presences for about ten years before finally doing something about it which I’ve also written. These paranormal experiences went away after I called my brother and then had the house blessed, but oh boy! The stories I can tell until then…

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