Mar. 24, 2017

The Haunted Civil War Hospital

As a retired nurse, I have many stories that revolve around the element of the paranormal. I once worked in Kingstree, South Carolina in a nursing facility that was a hospital during the Civil War. If I could list some of the most haunted places in the state that particular place would be on the top of the list, without a doubt.

There was always a constant feeling of having one or more entities around you. At least, for me it was constant.

The first experience I had was while I was sitting at the desk eating a cracker. I had set all the charts I would be charting in for the night on top of the counter that surrounded the nursing desk. These were the old fashioned charts which were more of a clipboard style. I hated adding new sheets or taking papers out of them.

I noticed one of them did a one hundred eighty degree turn. It wasn’t the whole pile, but just the top chart.

Don’t do it,” I commanded, sensing it was about to be knocked to the floor.

All of a sudden it flew about five feet away and hit the wall. I was cussing up a storm when the CNA came out of a room, saw me picking papers up off the floor and stopped to help me.

What happened?” she asked. After telling her about the chart turning all by itself and flying against the wall, she said, “Yes, this place is very haunted. You shouldn’t be surprised by anything that happens here.”

I did notice at random times my pens and lighters would turn up missing. The CNA’s would find them in rooms I had no cause to go into other than just to check my patients while they slept. Many times I would be at another station talking to my co-worker and would find my lighter or a pen similar to mine setting there.

I remember one night while checking patients I saw a bright shadow light on the wall. Its was perfectly symmetrical; an orb. I stood back against the opposite wall for about five minutes and just watched it. It didn’t shimmer, shake, waver, or move in any direction the whole time. I looked up and down the hall to see what would create that light in that specific spot and could find no kind of light source.

The orderly came out of a room and saw me standing there with my arms folded across my chest as I leaned against the wall watching it.

Is there a problem?” he asked.

I turned to him and answered, “No, I was just looking at this sphere shaped light on the wall and was wondering what it was.”

What light?” he asked, stepping closer to me to see what I was referring to.

This light,” I answered, turning back to the sphere. It was gone. I never saw it again.

I had many experiences there that still, to this day, gives me chills.

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