Mar. 24, 2017

Haunted Winyah Nursing Home

Winyah Extended Care facility has been around since the 1960s. As a haunting, it would be one place that I would put at the top of my list of the most haunted places in South Carolina and fighting for the number one spot with the old Civil War hospital I worked in.

There’s a back hallway originally set up for employees and patients to travel between locations without going out into the “administrator’s lobby.” If traveling from Station 1 to Station 2, there are no problems, but coming back from 2 to 1, many had a very distinct feeling of being followed.

They’re only followed to the kitchen though (about half way) and then the feeling would go away. This feeling was so powerfully strong that many would stop and turn around to see who was trailing behind them; myself included.

Footsteps can be heard all day and night long in the facility. Doors being open and shut, occasional phantom moans and groans. The noises tend to blend in with day shift activities and are more prominent during the night only because it’s quieter then and can be heard more clearly.

The administrator had to take down the mirror in the main lobby because so many people complained that while coming from 1stStation they’d see a woman with a bright yellow shirt with red flowers on it and when they looked back to greet her, no one would be there.

It was determined “The Lady with the Yellow Shirt” was a past kitchen employee. Some reported seeing her walking from the hallway doors, as if she were going home for the night, toward the outside door. When they turned to look at her or to tell her goodnight, she would have vanished.

I’ve been in patient’s rooms and heard heavy, male footsteps march right up to me and stop. One night, feeling a bit hectic, I told whomever had just walked up to me, “Not tonight, I am in no mood to deal with ghosts!” Promptly, the footsteps turned and walked out of the room.

I was in a storage closet one night getting supplies when I heard one of our patients, Agnes, say from behind me, “put that back!”

Put what back?” I asked her absently as I continued to collect my supplies. When she didn’t answer I looked behind me to find no one there. It was at that moment I remembered Agnes had died four nights earlier.

While working 1stStation one night, Anne, a CNA who usually worked 2nd Station, had just finished her rounds. “Great,” she says to me as I am charting.

Great what?” I asked.

I forgot one.”

I laughed and said, “Who did you forget?”

I don’t know,” she determined. I’ve never seen him before. To the patient sitting in the hallway she called out, “I’ll be there in a minute to put you to bed. Let me get Miss Barbara to help me.”

Help you do what?” Barbara asked coming from around the corner to stand next to me at the desk.

Help me put that man to bed that we forgot,” Anne answered with a chuckle.

What man?”

The one sitting in the wheelchair …” Anne stopped and looked back at us. “Where did he go?” She then proceeded to walk to his room and back to the desk.

Anne,” Barbara said, “We don’t have any men on that hall.”

And none have come by here either,” I offered.

Yeah, I just thought of that,” she agreed. With a shudder she added, “I think I just saw a ghost.”

(picture is ransom)