Mar. 24, 2017

Ghostly Visitation

I had several incidents happen while working at Winyah Nursing Center and admittedly, some were borderline upsetting. I worked with a few people who had been employees there for about 20 years at the time. On one particular night, I turned to them for answers to the ghostly hauntings that were taking place around me.

My two assistants, Anne and Geralene, called me to the Thompson/Myer room. “She’s upset and we’re hoping you can calm her down,” Anne explained of Mrs. Thompson as I came in.

What happened?”

She says some woman was sitting here for a while and then got up and took her walker and went into the bathroom. I checked, but I don’t see anyone in there.”

Geralene added, “I see the walker, but nobody’s there.”

Mrs. Myers, who was usually way out in left field, pulled back the curtain and said, “She sat here in this here chair for a long time. I talked to her but she was rude!”

How was she rude? Flo,” I asked, calling her by her name.

She wouldn’t talk to me at all! I tried to be polite, offered her some water and she just took Miss Lady’s walker over there and shuffled off to the bathroom like she owns it!”

What did she look like? I asked both ladies.

Mrs. Myers answered first, “She had white hair with a ball on top of her head. And she was not a nice lady; she took Miss Lady’s walker!”

Mrs. Thompson was somewhat more oriented than her roommate, and a little more hesitant. “She had on a blue nightgown and she walked stooped over.”

Michelle, can I see you out in the hall, please?” It was Anne, one of the 20-year employees.

I stepped out into the hallway. “What is it?” I asked as I closed the door behind me.

I think it was a ghost. That description is so very familiar but I just cannot remember the woman’s name. Go ask Glenda, I bet she’ll know.”

Glenda had also been there working for about 20 years. She was the nurse on Station 1. Anne came along with me as curiosity got the best of her about who it was taking Mrs. Thompson’s walker and going into the bathroom with it before vanishing.

When we got to the desk we explained to Glenda what had happened. “I just can’t put my finger on who it is,” Anne confessed again.

Glenda thought a minute and then said, “Mrs. Hoffmyer? Remember how she’d sit in the chair waiting for y’all to come put her to bed and then she’d get up with her walker and make her way to the bathroom?”

That’s it,” Anne declared slamming her hand on the desk. “She always wore a blue nightgown. They all had to be blue, her favorite color, or she would not change out of her street clothes.”

And she had the ball on top of her head, even when she went to bed,” Glenda added.

Why hasn’t she been ghosting here before now?” I asked them both.

She probably has,” Glenda answered. “We just didn’t know it.”

Anne thought a minute and then said, “She died about this time of the year. Do you remember, Glenda? No one wanted to call her family on Easter and tell them she had passed away.”

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