Mar. 24, 2017

The Ghost of Pizza Hut

When my son first started working at Pizza Hut, he would come home and laughingly tell me he thought the place was haunted. Several months later, he quit laughing.

“About forty-five minutes after we locked up tonight, we heard the automatic chimes on the front door,” he said. “Those are the chimes we hear in the back to let us know someone has come in. My manager sent me up to check the door because like I said, we had been locked up for I know, at least, forty-five minutes.”

“Who was it?” I asked.

“No one; there was no one there.”

He and my husband were talking one night about the men’s bathroom door. They were explaining to me that in order to shut it from the inside, you had to yank it really hard, slam it, and then hold it in order to slide the lock in place. To open it from the outside (when vacant for use) one had to just barely pull.

A few months later, my son came in and announced, “Pizza Hut is definitely haunted.”

“Okay, I’ll bite,” I said, “Why do you say that?”

“We were trying to get out of there tonight and we heard the men’s door being slammed shut like someone had just gone in there but, we were all standing there together. I went to the bathroom door and tried to open it but it was locked from the inside. I tugged it a few times; there’s no mistaking it the door was locked.

"I knocked on the door a couple of times and asked who was in there explaining that we were closed. I remember wondering how he got in in the first place because the front doors were locked. I knocked again and then I distinctly heard the lock pop and so I gave the door a gentle tug and it came right open. No one was in there. The room was completely empty.”

He had recounted several times the staff would pull something out of the freezer or off the shelf, walk away for a minute, only to come back and find the item(s) had been replaced to their place on the shelf or freezer. They would turn on a light in a room, forget something, walk away, come back and find the light off. At first, they blamed each other, but when they questioned one another, they discovered it was happening to everyone.

When a small fire broke out, they all laughed and blamed Pizza Hut’s ghost. However, it turned out to be an electrical wiring problem. When the fire that burned the store down in 2013 happened, they once again, blamed Pizza Hut’s ghost. As it turned out, faulty wiring in the attic also caused that fire.

It took a year to rebuild. During the course of that year, my son and I would talk in wonderment about what happens to ghosts when their dwellings no longer exist. Would Pizza Hut’s ghost be back once they finished rebuilding?

The answer is; he and the others think so.

My son stated that one night, while the restaurant was closed, some of the employees heard the breakers pop. “It was like, 1-2-3,” he said of the breakers. “They’re really loud, too, so there’s no mistaking it if a breaker switch pops off. We went back to see which ones popped and they were all still on. While we were back there scratching our heads, we heard the front door chimes ring indicating someone had come in, but the door was locked! I still had the key in my hand from when I locked it five minutes earlier. “

Welcome back Pizza Hut Ghost; your presence is duly noted.