Mar. 24, 2017

The Gray Man

When I was a young girl living up north, I read a book with “true ghost stories.” I was taken by one story in particular because it was about an island named Pawley’s and the name of the ghost and the story was The Gray Man.

The story was about a pair of newlyweds, in the late 1800’s, who were staying in a beach front home on the island. As the new husband was beginning his travel home from work (via horse and buggy), a mighty storm came, forcing him to stay over at a friend’s home until it passed. He resumed his travel once the storm subsided.

Upon arriving home he discovered, not only had his home been demolished, but his new bride’s life had been taken by the storm. He grieved for her the remaining days of his life.
After his death, when a hurricane (as we call them now) is coming; a man in a gray wool suit will be walking the beach. It’s said that if you see him, your house will be protected and unharmed by the treacherous storm.

Years later, when I moved here, I learned Pawley’s Island was just down the road. I was so excited that I begged my husband to take me to see the (rebuilt) home of the notorious Gray Man.

Since living here, I’ve heard different variations of the story. I’ve heard he was coming to visit her, she was his fiancée and not his wife and I’ve heard that he took his own life upon discovery of her death.

Although there are a lot of different scenarios to the story, one fact has remained true: If a storm is coming be on the lookout for the Gray Man. Your home depends on it.