Mar. 24, 2017

The Old Rhem House

While doing research for another story, I was introduced to an extraordinary couple, Mike and Robin. They live in an old Rhem House. Rhem houses were built in the 1800’s with a specific design created by the two Rhem brothers who built them. There were just a few of them constructed and this one is the last one standing.

Robin has become a bit of a historian about her famous home by researching and collecting data. She shared pictures of the original design as well as a history lesson on the area, designers and the ghosts that dwell in the residence with them.

“We have several ghosts that live here,” Robin admitted. “We’ve seen, heard and felt a lot of different things while living in this house.”

“Aren’t you afraid or scared?” I asked as I turned on a tape recorder.

“Not really,” she answered. “To be honest, I’m more afraid of being outside at night than I am of being in the house. I feel safer inside.”

“Then the grounds are haunted, too?”

“Oh yes; most definitely,” Robin nodded. She pointed to the back left corner of the property and added, “Especially back there in the corner of the garden. I feel something dark and creepy back there. I don’t like it when I have to go into that area. Also, there’s an old kitchen house in the back behind the shed. As you leave, if you drive around the horseshoe, you can see it as you pass by.”

“Tell her about when you thought I had come home,” Mike chimed in. To me he added, “This is a good one.”

Robin began, “Mike is usually gone for a few nights at a time and I knew, during this one week, he was supposed to come in on a Friday. As a rule, Mike will text me before he gets here and say, ‘it’s me, don’t shoot,’ so that I won’t pull my gun out and shoot him by accident.

“Anyway, it was in the middle of the night one night when I heard Mike waking me up with, ‘I’m home,’ and it was his voice. I was still in bed when I looked up at him. He was standing in the doorway to the bathroom. It was his form, hisoutline, I mean, I know his body build. I said, ‘okay,’ and had laid back down when I realized, it was Tuesday night and not Friday. I bolted up and looked again but whatever was there was gone.”

Mike told me of a time when he had woken up thinking Robin was sitting on the edge of the bed next to him while he was asleep. “She was looking down at something in her hand and I thought she was looking at her phone. I asked her what time was it and the woman just vanished; disappeared.”

They both reported they frequently would feel someone distinctly sit down on the bed. Together, they shared with me how one night they woke up and had several different ‘visitors’ of a white mist circling their bed looking down at them. Mike and Robin stated that something has happened in every room of the house. Although, they always look for a reasonable explanation of the strange things that happen, they’ve concluded that no room in the house has been left unvisited by their ghostly roommates.

As Robin begins putting away the photographs to take back into the house, she tells me, “I heard footsteps one night while Mike was away. They were very clear and concise. I knew I was alone so I got up and got the gun out, and started going through every room of the house. As I passed by the front door, I noticed all of the chain locks were off and the skeleton key that we keep in the door was lying on the floor. The screen door was still locked from the inside so those chains were undone by someone inside the house.”

“Tell her about the bubble,” Mike exclaimed while I pushed the tape recorder closer to them.

“I already did when you were inside,” Robin confirmed.

They are referring to the time Robin was in the kitchen doing the dishes and Mike was standing next to her talking. One of the dish soap bubbles had floated up to the ceiling. As Mike chatted away, he watched the bubble go up, up and up.

Thinking they were alone in the kitchen, he half-heartedly challenged, “Make that bubble touch my nose.”

Immediately, the bubble floated straight down and stopped just centimeters from his nose.

As we prepared to go inside and tour this beautiful Rhem home, Robin and Mike talked about several different things that have happened, like someone scratching at the window from the outside or seeing apparitions, hearing phantom noises and smelling strong scents of cigarette smoke when neither of them are smokers.

Each room we stopped at they shared an anecdote of an incident that had occurred in the room. I snapped pictures of several rooms as we went by. My brother would be so envious. He loves old structures and historical buildings and I couldn’t wait to taunt him with my treasure of an original Rhem home, hence the pictures. I had to snap two pictures of their game room because Mike was in the first picture.

Pertaining to their game room, Robin shared, “Every time my friend comes over, she swears there’s a demon in that room, but I don’t ever feel anything malevolent in there, or anywhere around the house, really, except for that one place on the other side of the garden that I mentioned earlier.”

“Me either,” Mike denied. “I’ve been sitting in there watching TV and saw a black figure, low to the ground, like an animal, slither past and then disappear. One night, I was in the kitchen and I looked across the hall into the other room and there was a black figure, low to the ground and it had yellow eyes looking back at me.”

“A black cat?” I asked

Mike nodded, “I think so except we don’t have any black cats. I know there is said to be an animal spirit here, too. I just thought that was it on both accounts.”

I stepped back into the game room and snapped a third picture as I turned off my tape recorder. We started talking a bit more so I turned it back on until we were walking out the door. As I shut it off again, Robin gave me her phone number. I turned it back on and looked at my recording count … three. I recorded Robin’s number.

“Did you get it,” she asked as I turned it off for the third time.

“Yup,” I answered and showed her the number four on the device. “I have four recordings now: one of a previous interview, two with you and Mike, and one of you saying your phone number.”

As the interview wrapped up, I graciously thanked my hosts for allowing me to come into their beautiful and stunning house, take pictures and even share with me their amazing experiences.

Several days later, I was going through the pictures of their home. I noticed something odd about the three pictures of the game room. There was Mike in the first one. The second picture was the one without Mike and the third had more in it than the cat that followed me in when I took the last picture.

The first thing I noticed was that the room was a lot brighter than the previous pictures. The second thing I noticed was something in the plant that sits in the corner; it was an orb. Then I noticed many more orbs.

I reached for my tape recorder to pull up Robin’s phone number. I only had two recordings: the previous interview and the one of us talking outside the house. The two recordings I made while inside, including Robin giving me her phone number were gone.

Even more odd than that: I am a member of three closed groups on Facebook that features paranormal activities and hauntings. To be sure I wasn’t the only one who saw the orbs; I posted the pictures on all three sites to see if anyone else saw them.

One person from each paranormal group stated they could also see a face by the plant. I could not see it. I had finally gotten in touch with Robin and showed her the pictures, too. She could not see the face, either.

We decided to post them on my own Facebook page and see what happens. My niece, Windy, saw the face right away and circled it for me. Now, we see the face. How did we miss it? Anyway, thank you Mike and Robin for allowing me this opportunity.