Jun. 18, 2017

The Haunted Restaurant (Local Dining)

We have a restaurant in town called Harborside (it has since closed). Before it was the Harborside, it was 5 Rivers. Before that, it was Portifino’s and before then, it used to be the old River Room. The River Room has since moved to their current location and Portifino’s renovated the whole area, even adding on one of the old shops from the Fogel Mall as part of the bar area.

Whenever we’d visit the River Room and I had to use the ladies’ room, I always noticed someone was in there with me. I wasn’t alone. When it became Portifino’s and they put in two stalls, I would always distinctly hear someone in the second stall.

I would hear footsteps come into the room, the stall door open and close, the rustling of the clothes, the toilet paper roll, even the water running in the sink afterwards. I never heard them flush though. When I would go out, there would never be anyone there but me. This happened nine out of ten times and I have to say, it’s never been a creepy or scary feeling. It’s just a pronounced feeling of an unseen presence in the room with you. 

When it was still Portifino’s, I had asked some of the staff if anything strange or unusual happened. I was told sometimes the staff would come in the next day and the lights would be on or things would be moved around and not in the same place as they were left the night before.

While dining at the, now new Harborside Restaurant, I mentioned to the staff about the bathroom ghost and asked them if they, too, noticed anything odd or strange occurrences. The waiter shared that the lights still go on and off and things being moved around.

“Also the TV will be on when we come in,” he added. “Sometimes too, you can hear the music going up and down and no one is close enough to change the volume.”

I did visit the ladies’ room while there, but I did not receive a mysterious visitor this time. When I came back, the waiter came over and asked if it happened again.

“No, not this time,” I confirmed.

“What about the paper towels?” he asked. “When I’m in the men’s room, sometimes it will start unrolling on its own and I’m not anywhere close by to trigger the automatic dispenser.”

My husband shared with me that the building (upstairs above the Fogel Mall) was once an old boarding house and suggested that maybe the haunts are from that era.

I don’t know, but I do know the building is very old and historic. I’m sure many old and current shop owners could add more to this story and very well might. Until then, I will continue to enjoy the delicious and awesome food as well as the place being a local haunt in Georgetown.