Jul. 17, 2017

The Interview

I went to interview a couple about their haunted Rhem house for an upcoming story for Halloween. We went into this particular room and I snapped this picture (the first picture). I chose the back corner becasue my hostess informed me it was a haunted room. Five minutes later, the man of the house realized he was in the photo so he asked for a retake: the second picture.

After we'd toured the whole house (about 30 minutes later) and we're coming down the hall back toward this room, she adds that her sister insists there is a demon in the corner behind the plant. I step back into the room and take the third picture.

Later, I was going through all of my snapshots and I noticed something odd about the third picture. Look at the plant and on the wall next to the fireplace. Can any of you see it?

The first thing I noticed was the last picture was much brighter than the other two, but...there are other things there that were not in the first two snapshots (don't mind the cat).

I swear it is not doctored as I am not savvy enough to do those things. I blew up the picture to make sure, too. My husband looked and he sees it. Does anyone else see the things we see?