Apr. 7, 2019

The Asylum

Many years ago, I was doing a training course, as a Registered Nurse at a very old Home for the Mentally infirm, called a "Lunatic Asylum" sadly back in the day. I was working some night shifts and had access to the upper floors of the old building.

One night in particular, I had heard rhythmic and prolonged banging from upstairs, thinking there may be someone in trouble up there I went up at around 1am. The lengthy attics were absolutely empty, but the noise was horrific up there, so bad, bits of dust and wood were being dislodged from the old ceiling.

Returning worried to the lower floors, I noted the noise had stopped, and upon asking other staff who had worked there for a while that the noise was indeed real.

Back in the day it was deemed fit to place mentally ill patients in a bath with a wooden cover over the top, literally holding them in as a "treatment" for their condition. The constant banging was the due to the fists and feet of the unfortunate people banging on the boards until they were released.

I have never forgotten that noise, or felt such an unhappy atmosphere. The old building was partially demolished later, and expensive flats replaced the Victorian pile. Hope you found this interesting, I have many more I can share.

By Heather Long