May. 8, 2019


I had gone to a known haunted house to do an interview with the couple who reside there. Even if I had not been told of the home’s history of being haunted, I would have known as soon as we pulled into the drive. The paranormal aspect of the house is very strong and prevalent.

We went in and conducted the interview. The couple is very pleasant and they had much to share about their home. It has a bit of local fame to it as it is the last standing Rhem House built by the Rhem brothers in the late 1800s.

After the interview, I had the honor of being given a tour of this beautiful home. I snapped several pictures, all of which, I didn’t see anything out of the norm at the time. It wasn’t until I got home and unloaded the pictures that I noticed things. I called my hostess on the phone and we discussed some of the snapshots of which I have written about and even posted in past articles.

Fast-forward a year. I was finished with the photos and intended to clean out my folders and delete files when I opened one of the last photo’s I had taken inside the house. It was of my favorite room.

The room was so elegant with a hint of nostalgia. I had stepped just inside the threshold so as to get as much of the room in the snapshot as I could without distorting the elegance of the view. The antique curio cabinet in the back corner by the brick fireplace only added to its allure.

I noticed something that I did not see when I took the picture. It was a face. I immediately called my hostess and sent her the file. She saw three faces, and was able to name the person (a past owner) in one of them. She even returned a file with the late owner’s photograph; it’s her.

I showed it to my son who swears, it’s our own reflection, but again. We stood at the threshold of the room; the glass cabinet is in the back so there’s no way it is of our reflection. Even so, how do you explain Mrs. Rhem’s face being in the glass reflection with the other two faces?

Do tell: can anyone else see the faces in the reflection of the curio cabinet?

NOTE: In the picture, I saw something “foreign” that made me take a second look. I blew up the photo, which I don’t know how to save the blown up view. If you can save it, enlarge it, and you’ll see her plain as day. She’s even wearing an old fashion hat.