Nov. 1, 2019

Haunted (TV Series)

HAUNTED: This experience lasted over ten years and the after effects remain. At first, it was simple things like the doors opening and then closing on its own, little things were moved (we had a video of my wire whisk slowly moving back and forth on it’s own between two other whisks on either side of it and of a shirt that was in front of another hanging on a door knob. It was swaying back and forth but the one behind it was not. It was as if the entity wanted me to know it was there).

I was sitting at my desk one afternoon when I felt someone come up and pull my hair back from my neck. It literally was lifted up off my shoulder (I had hair to the middle of my back). I turned to look expecting it to be my son, but he was across the room. I said, out loud, “Don’t touch me,” and my hair promptly dropped down.

One afternoon, while my son was doing his schoolwork, I saw him out of the corner of my eye, get up, and go into the kitchen. Suddenly, the cabinet doors slammed and I jerked around to see why he slammed the cabinets when he was still sitting at his desk.

I said, “I thought you went into the kitchen; I saw you go in there!”

He said, “No, I saw YOU go in there.”

The shower door in my bathroom was a smoky glass. You could see through it, but not see clear images. Many times I would be in the shower and see “my husband,” Reese going into the bedroom, but it wasn’t him. He said it happened to him quite often, as well, and he always thought it was me.

One night, I forgot my towel and saw him walking into the bedroom so I called out to ask him to bring me a clean towel. He didn’t answer, I called out again, and again, before Reese finally came from the other direction and asked if I had been calling him.

I insisted I saw him going into the bedroom!

It was so terrible, that I would not stay in the bedroom alone (while awake, at least) and I would make my husband sit in there with me until I fell asleep.

I would see “something” come out of our closet space and pace the room, going back and forth, but not on my side of the bed. It was a solid black figure, slightly hunched over, and he would do that several times before finally leaving the room and going toward the living room. It would terrify me.

The shadow figure did not come out while Reese was in there, only when I was in bed alone. If I left the lights on, I didn’t see him, either. However, when I switched to a day shift job, I had to get up at 5 in the morning and couldn’t sleep with the lights on (poor Reese).

My son (who refuses to speak on any of these events as he’s still suffering the effects of the haunting), told me about this particular incident after we’d gone to see the movie Paranormal Activity.

He insisted, “Whoever made that movie, had to have experienced it to get it so accurate.”

I asked what he meant and he told me this: A few years earlier he had a sleepover. All of his friends were asleep on the floor, but he could not sleep so, he got up and sat on the sofa to watch TV.

All of a sudden, around 3 in the morning, he heard the bedroom door open and the (vibrating) footsteps as they headed in his direction. He said it was shaking everything in its path.

As it came by the kitchen, everything shook: the cabinets, the dishes inside, and the things on the counter tops. By the open counters, all my candy dish displays shook. As it came by my desk, the things on my desk shook and vibrated, his father’s desk next to mine included. As it rounded the love seat, the items on the mantle shook with fury. The footsteps stopped right in front of him. He said he kept his eyes closed for fear of what he would see. A few minutes later, he said he felt a sense of relief and realized that whatever it was, was gone.

The bedroom where the steps were coming from was always, with emphasis on always, cold. Even in the summer. It stayed ice cold.

My brother and his (now ex) wife spent a week and a half with us. They slept on the sofa bed. One morning I got up and my brother said to me, “Why do you get up in the middle of the night and stomp around in the kitchen?”

I’m not getting up and stomping around in the kitchen,” I insisted.

Yes you are! Every night this week, around 3 AM you come out here and stomp around, you open and close the refrigerator and cabinets. There’s a light in the fridge, you know. We’re trying to sleep out here, and it’s disturbing us.”

It wasn’t me. My nephew said it happened with him, too. He asked me what was I going to cook at 3 in the morning and insisted it was every night. Keep in mind, during some of this time, I worked graveyard shift and I wasn’t even home! Why would they say it was me?

Reese has told me on many nights when I was asleep or he was alone, he would hear someone in the kitchen banging around the pots and pans. When he looked, no one was in there so, he decided he would holler out, and he did. He would say, “Stop it! I can’t hear the TV.” and it would stop… just like that.

He complained of being in the shower and hearing “conversations.” They were not audible enough to hear what was said, but loud enough to know someone was talking.

He described it as if people were outside the house talking… you could hear them, but not what they were saying. Sometimes it happened while the house was full, but more times than not, it happened while he was home alone.

One night, my husband got up out of bed to use the bathroom. When I felt him pull the blankets back and get back into the bed, I rolled over to hug him and no one was there. I jumped out of the bed and screamed and then heard Reese, still in the bathroom, ask me what was wrong. There was no one in the bed.

Another night, I was laying on my right side and I felt Reese move into me and snuggle my back. Then he started stroking my hair so, as usual, I reached up with my left hand to take his that he had rested on top of my head, but it wasn’t there.

I rolled over to ask him why he moved when I saw he was on the other side of the (king-sized) bed with his back to me and hard and fast asleep. I didn’t even hear him snoring… at all …until then.

The nursery room (turned storage room) was separated from our room by double doors. One night, my husband was watching a movie and I didn’t want to disturb him, but I had to go to bed. I decided to leave the TV on in the bedroom and lay down. About fifteen minutes later, I saw the light from the nursery shine under the door and heard him in there moving around boxes.

I called out and asked him to stop. The noise stopped and he left the room; I heard the other door close as he exited. A few minutes later, it happened again so, I called out (I know I was irritated) and asked him what was he looking for by moving all those boxes around. Again, the noise stopped, the lights went off, and the other door closed as he left the room. Several minutes later, it happened a third time. At this point, I was mad and I got out of bed and snatched the double doors open to find the room, not only completely empty of people, but the lights were off and the other door was shut.

I went out to the living room and (as calmly as possible) asked my husband what he was looking for in there. He and my son both swear, he was never in the room. They had been watching the movie the whole time.

I would be brushing my teeth, spit in the sink, and when I’d lift my head, I would catch a sudden movement behind me in the mirror. It was so dang fast, I never did see what, or who, had been there.

One afternoon, I laid down for a nap. I wasn’t asleep. I was quite restless, though. I realized that someone was in the bedroom with me as I laid with my eyes closed (yes, I’m an idiot). I was so sure it was Reese, especially when he tucked my hair behind my ears and bent down to kiss me. I opened my eyes and no one was even there.

The straw that broke the camel’s back: Everyone tried to convince me it was my deceased father. However, my beliefs are clear – these ghosts are not the souls of our deceased loved ones so, I never believed it was my father. One particular night, I was proven correct.

I was laying in bed waiting for Reese to come in there with me. I had my eyes closed when I felt someone “sneaking up” on me. I remember I kind of smirked because as I said, I was not asleep. I opened my eyes and started to ask him, “What are you doing?”

I saw the silhouette of a little boy on the wall. He was creeping up towards my head. I gasped really loud and rolled back away from him. He stopped as if he were suddenly caught then he turned and ran away. I watched his silhouette run around the room on the wall and out the door.

I called my husband (Okay, I really screamed for him) and he came running. I told him what happened. All of these things had taken such a toll on me. I was becoming more and more unnerved by the entire incident. I finally broke down and called my brother.

I told him as much as I could up to the point of the little boy, to which he responded, “As soon as you said little boy, I knew you were talking about a demon, not a haunting. Demons use children because they represent innocence and people trust them.”

He asked if I had a Ouija Board which I denied. I know they are the devil’s toys. He recommended getting the house blessed and I did. Two weeks later, my nephew came running out of the (ice cold) bedroom asking why my son did not answer his phone.

I called you twice!” and when my son said he never got a call, Kevin told him to check his phone. Sure enough, there were two missed calls, back-to-back.

The problem was, as Kevin laid in bed, he saw a black solid figure, a little hunched over, come out of the closet and pace back and forth at the foot of the bed before finally turning and vanishing through the wall.

I remember scolding him because we had just had the house blessed days earlier and I was afraid Kevin (who has a pension for the dramatics) was going to call it back. A few days after that, I found the source of the “haunting.”

I was cleaning some shelves out and preparing for a yard sale. I’ve always been somewhat clairvoyant; a gift I do not want to have. Reese had always been fascinated with my abilities so, to encourage me to use them more, he bought me a deck of Tarot Cards one Christmas about ten years earlier.

I called my brother back and asked about them. He confirmed they are Ouija Boards in card forms. I got rid of them and fast. Since then, not a single thing has happened. Nothing!

It also explains why I was the primary target; why this thing latched on to me the most. The cards were mine, and in fact, I did play with them a couple of times. I really believe that’s why I became the entity’s focus.

However, it’s left us scarred especially my son and I. Anytime we hear a bump in the night, we look. I don’t “feel” anything, but who is 100% accurate? For the last few years, I’ve been so affected, I don’t even sleep in my room anymore.

I don’t like going in there when no one is home and if I have to, believe me, I pray for protection before going in.

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