Nov. 21, 2019

Babysitting With A Ghost

I was at my daughter’s babysitting my granddaughter one afternoon. My husband (Grandpa), was with me at first, but he had gotten a call for work and had to leave.

I know their house sits on old rice fields, as do several other homes down the lane. I had never given it much thought before, but now, I consider that it’s old land and that it has a history; quite possibly, a haunted history.

My granddaughter had pulled me into her room to play for a minute when I heard someone in the kitchen...or thought I had. I went out to look, but no one was there so I decided it was probably the ice maker dropping ice cubes is what I heard.

About 15 minutes later, we went back to the kitchen to fix lunch. I had her sitting on a kitchen stool next to the counter while I made her a little sandwich. We both heard the front door open up and then shut. Although, she was about 18 months old and didn’t speak well, I know she heard it, too, because she turned completely around in the chair and looked in that direction.

After the door shut, we heard the footsteps as they walked past the TV and came toward us. Both of us watched and waited for someone to round the corner. I was hoping my husband was told not to come to work after all and was returning.

When no one came around the corner, I called out and said, “We’re in here.”

Still, no response. I got my granddaughter down from the stool and both of us walked to the living room to see who it was. She was just as curious as I was, so I’m even further convinced that she heard the front door open and someone walk in front of the TV and then toward where we were in the kitchen.

Later, I recounted the events to my daughter and asked if she had any experiences. I know as a child she exhibited “abilities,” that could not be explained.

“Mom, I don’t want to talk about it,” she said with a shudder. “Let’s just say there’s been plenty of times when I’ve been up late, by myself reading, and had an over-powering sensation that someone was standing close by watching me read. When I look up, expecting to see my husband, no one is standing there.”

Remembering my daughter telling me about how the baby doesn’t like to sleep in her room, I asked, “Okay, how about the times you say the baby wakes up in the middle of the night you look at the baby cam to see if something is waking her up and making her cry?”

“Yes, but there’s nothing there,” she answered. “I still just put her in the bed with us, though.”

The other day, I was over babysitting again. I understood what my daughter meant about being watched. While my granddaughter and I were in her room playing, I had an over-powering sensation that someone was standing close by watching us play. Apparently, so did my granddaughter. She abruptly stopped playing and went out into the living room. I haven’t told her mother about it, yet. She doesn’t like to talk about those kinds of things.