Dec. 6, 2019

Kaminski House Museum

While on Front Street today, I went over to the Kaminski House Museum to use the public bathrooms. When I came out, I heard a dog running up to me. I could hear his toenails as his little paws hit the cement and I clearly heard him panting.

I turned around to show the doggy where the water bowl was that the museum keeps out for animals, but there was no dog there. I thought I must be hearing things and turned to walk away again.

The dog came running to me a second time. Thinking I might have missed him the first time, I turned to look for him again and again, there was no dog present.

I went to the gift shop and told Lisa Stalvey what had happened. She had a very good point... Frank was buried on the property. For those Georgetonians who do not know who Frank is or what relationship he had with the Kaminski's go visit the museum.