Apr. 21, 2020


I had a dream that I was with my friend Shellie. She’s been deceased for several years now, but she was very much alive in the dream.

I have never been to jail before in my life, but here we were in jail together and she was my cellmate. I knew that if I were back on the streets, it would be dangerous for me. Equally, I knew if she were released and I were alone in my cell, it would be dangerous for me, as well.

One afternoon, I was sitting (in the cell) while Shellie went off with a guard. I had a paper shredder, which she hated, but I was using it since she was gone. When she came back, I tried to hide it… slide it under the cell’s table, but stopped when she told me that she’d just been to speak to the warden and she was being released, thus putting me in danger.

I have no idea why I felt she was my protection.

The dream ended with Shellie standing there, happy as can be, telling me she was getting released and going home.

As I was rousing from my sleep, I noticed the lamp over me was blaring and before I could cover my eyes, the lamp went dark, and I heard the unmistakable sound of a “click” as it was turned off. Was Shellie really standing there beside me, or not?