May. 5, 2020


I was standing in the kitchen cutting strawberries for my two-year old granddaughter. Meanwhile, she hijacked a bag of chips and was sitting in the hall behind me eating them. They were mine, or Momo’s, as she calls me.

Suddenly, I hear, ‘No, mine. Holly’s chip.”

I stop what I’m doing and think, utoh, not again, as I know their house has a ghost. I asked my granddaughter, “What did you say?”

She says (not to me, obviously), “No! Momo chip!”

She got up and brought them to me before going back into the living room.

I brushed it off, like I do most of the things I see, hear, and feel. However, an hour or so later, we were watching Boss Baby and I starting hearing a tapping noise as if someone were taking their finger and tapping it on a table. The OCD in me forced me to count the taps: 19 taps.

It stopped and I truly thought nothing of it more than something in the duct work of the AC and vent. Then it happened two more times, then tapping again, and again. There was no rhythm to it, no pattern… just random taps. All the more reason I was sure it was coming from the vent.

I got up and went to the bathroom and when I came back “it” started again only this time, it was across the room. Within minutes, it was back to me in front of the chair I was sitting next to.

It was so annoying that I turned up the TV to drown out the tapping sound. The TV was loud enough that had my daughter and her husband walked in, they would have asked me why the TV was up so loud.

The other thing that went up in volume was the tapping noise.

When I told my daughter and son-in-law about it, they brushed it off. My son-in-law said he hears it sometimes too but it’s all in the duct work underneath the house.

“You hear it coming up through the vent,” he says casually.

“Really? Where’s the vent?” I asked pointing to the fact there is no vent near the sofa (it sits in the middle of the room) or by the wall adjacent to the couch and coffee table.

He had no answer for that.