Jul. 30, 2020


The first time I ever met Wanda, I picked up on several things. The first being, I noticed she was measuring me up with her clairvoyant abilities. I could feel her doing it.

I turned to face her and said, “I can do that, too, you know.” I knew what she was doing.

She smiled and said, “I know you can.”

Wanda was so clairvoyant that during the 70’s following the Vietnam Conflict, the government used her clairvoyance to locate many POW camps and rescue the survivors. She was very strong, indeed.

Although, I was not nearly as strong as Wanda was, I did have my own abilities, too. I sensed a presence in her home. It was so benign, so light, I almost didn’t recognize it. Like many other times, I just blew it off until one particular day:

Wanda and Papa Joe, as we called him, had gone on vacation one year, my husband and I were given the pleasure of tending to her fur baby. He was a little skittish of people, but he loved my husband and me so we got asked to look after him.

I had gone over one morning to feed him and take him out to potty. I heard him barking when I was unlocking the front door and was quite shocked that he took off running from me when I came in. I followed him into the bedroom where he was hidden under the bed afraid to come out.

I got down on all fours and called to him. He came toward me, stopped, and looked at something next to me. I absolutely felt something, or someone, next to me, on all fours, looking at what I was doing with complete curiosity.

“I’m trying to get the dog so I can take him outside to pee,” I explained to the unseen entity.

The presence moved away and the dog came to me. I took him out to do his thing, then brought him in and fed him. Before leaving I went to the bathroom myself and while I was in there, there was an unmistakable feeling of someone in there watching me again.

Since it worked the last time, I tried it again. “I’m only here to take care of the dog for Wanda and Papa Joe, now can I please have some privacy?”

The presence went away again. When Wanda came back I went over there and told her, “You have a ghost! He kept following me around.” I told her what happened.

She laughed and explained, “Yes, I know we have a ghost, but honestly, I thought you had met him already.”

She went on to tell me his name was Harold and he used to live there. Sometimes they knew he was there by the cigar scent they would sometimes smell other times they simply felt his presence.

“How do you know his name is Harold?” I asked, as I had not had conversations with spirits before that time.

“He told me,” she answered. “We’ve seen him, too. He’s an old man.”

Since then, I paid more attention when I was over there and whenever he came around, I’d just say, “Hello, Harold,” and he would wander off.

Papa Joe and Wanda are gone now, but when I drive past their old house I always think of that time and am reminded of their ghost. I can’t help but wonder how the new owners like Harold and does he like them.