Feb. 3, 2021

McClellanville House

My husband called one afternoon and asked me to meet him in McClellanville – a town about 30 minutes away from us. We were looking to buy a new home and he had found the perfect one. This was before cell phones and GPS systems.

The sale price was about $15,000 so I asked, “What’s wrong with it? Is it condemned?”

No,” he answered thoughtfully. “It could use some work, though. But at this price, we’d be able to borrow the money to fix it up.”

He went on to tell me it had a huge kitchen as I liked, formal dining room, four bedrooms, two and half baths, a family room and a den with a fireplace. It sounded heavenly. He assured me the owners probably moved away and are trying to sell quickly.

He gave me the address and I headed down that way. I passed it a couple of times before finally seeing his truck and realizing this was the house. I started to pull into the driveway that was on the edge of a massive and gated front yard.

I took one look at the house and it was as if every “thing” inside raced out to me.

No!” I said firmly.

No, what? You haven’t even gone inside to look,” he said with surprise. It occurred to me he might have gone inside, so I asked if he had. “Yeah, it’s really nice inside. I think you’ll like it.”

Don’t go back in the house,” I instructed even more firmly. “It’s haunted… really bad haunted, like with bad, bad, ghosts.”

Oh, come on inside…” he insisted.

I interrupted him. “No! Remember that time I told you that you were going to hurt your hand at work and you didn’t believe me. Then you came home with eight stitches?”

Yeah,” he answered thoughtfully. As he remembered it, he glanced down at his hand.

It’s the same thing,” I stressed. “Do not go back into that house.”

Later that night, my husband shared with me that the doors were unlocked, the house was still furnished; upstairs and down, and he did feel someone was following him down the hallway when he was checking the rooms upstairs.

He said he didn’t want to tell me all of that while I was in the driveway because I was already freaking out. I had refused to get out of the car and without ever going into the house, I left.

(this is a random photo and not of the actual house)