Mar. 20, 2021


In life, Shirley was over six feet tall and her weight matched her size. She would constantly walk up and down in the hallway on 2nd Station. Her routine would be to go to the door leading out and jiggle it to make sure it was closed tight before returning to her room at the end of a long hallway.

If there were any magazine on the tables, she would promptly put them back in the magazine rack to tidy up. I say, “in life,” but her habits continued even in death to the point, the administrator had to take down the magazine rack because there were so many patients, visitors and staff unnerved by Shirley’s deathly routine having witnessed “magazine’s reappearing back to on shelf of their own accord.”

One CNA stated that she’d actually seen a magazine “float,” to the shelf.

I remember one CNA, Geralene, who refused to accept the place was haunted, as I found many of our black employees did. Black people treat hauntings very differently than white folk. They tend to deny, deny, deny while white folk try, try, try to find out the source of the paranormal encounter.

She and I were waiting for the 7-3 shift to come on. As we waited, we could hear Shirley making her way down the hall. It was so very clear! Knowing full well who it was, I said to Geralene, “Who is that?”

I don’t know,” she answered and got up to look. Before returning to her seat she replied, “It’s no one.”

You hear the footsteps though?”

Oh yes, I do hear them.” Geralene got up to look again, “I don’t see nobody.”

I snickered, “But you do hear the footsteps?”

Yes, I hear them. They coming closer too like they walking to the desk. They’re at Miss Edna‘s room right now.” She got up and looked a third time as Edna‘s room was only two doors from where we were sitting. “Oh, it’s just Carl. He just stuck his head out the door and peeped at me.”

But Carl’s room is down at the end of the hall, the very last room. How can it be him if they’re coming closer to the desk and he’s still in his room?” I said, pointing out the major flaw in what she was saying.

Still, she refused to acknowledge Shirley. If the door rattled like it was being checked, Geralene would say it was windy outside (every night, several times a night, even on muggy nights).

Geralene, a firefly is creating more wind tonight with his wings than the weather is,” I’d say teasingly to her.

Not to me,” she’d declare and pull her sweater around her. Her sister, also an employee, would laugh but at the same time, refused to acknowledge what was going on.

I’ve since left the facility. However, I did run into a current employee there and she tells me that Shirley is still making her way up and down the hallway.

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