Mar. 20, 2021

Melody, The Cat

I hated our bedroom. Apparently, so did our cat Melody. I felt uncomfortable in there during our haunting and even after we cleansed the house. I used to say that I was scarred, often making jokes about it, but in truth, I do believe I was scarred.

I would sometimes lay in bed and for several seconds, watch a figure, more like a shadow person (male), pace across the foot of the bed then come up to my husband’s side of the bed before repeating the steps. Finally, the entity would walk out the door toward the living room.

It became so frequent that I started asking my husband to stay in the bedroom with me most nights and watch TV until I at least fell asleep.

According to my religious beliefs, I do not believe these spirits to be our long lost loved ones. The Bible teaches us that when we die, we sleep. We will continue sleeping until the time of Resurrection.

It also teaches us the Devil is very deceptive. He’s the inventor of lies and in attempts to deceive us, he uses trickery. He uses the spirit world and we call them ghosts.

Knowing these Bible truths, I felt sure it wasn’t my father’s spirit as many, including myself, (jokingly) said it was. Instead, I felt whatever it was, was attempting to convince me that it was my dad.

Melody was more in-tuned than we were. I guess being a cat, she would be. Many times, she would stop whatever she was doing, even napping, and sit up watching something, or someone unseen passing by.

She and I silently endured and learned to cope with the ghostly manifestations taking place in our home. I tolerated it with nonchalance until it started making its presence in-mistakenly known by making physical contact with me.

I was sitting at my desk one afternoon while my son, whom I was home-schooling, did his school work. My hair was down around my shoulders, hanging a little more in the front. I felt someone come up and lovingly stroke my hair like my father used to do. I felt my hair as it was being pulled back off my shoulders. Not a strand or two, it was the whole lock of hair.

I looked up to see if it was my son but he was across the room at his work table with his cat. Melody was sitting up straight and at attention while staring very intently at the space beside me.

I had noticed Melody had been doing that quite a lot lately; sitting up straight and at attention as she seem to follow invisible things with her eyes. At times, she would even run from the room with a scathing meow.

She was the only animal in the house that responded to “situations.” The dogs seemed oblivious.

We tolerated many more of these ghostly presences for about ten years before finally doing something about it which I’ve also written. These paranormal experiences went away after I called my brother and then had the house blessed, but oh boy! The stories I can tell until then…