The Paranormal & Supernatural

Jul. 17, 2017

I went to interview a couple about their haunted Rhem house for an up coming story for Halloween. We went into this particular room and I snapped this picture (the first picture). I chose the back corner becasue my hostess informed me it was a haunted room. Five minutes later, the man of the house realized he was in the photo so he asked for a retake: the second picture.

After we'd toured the whole house (about 30 minutes later) and we're coming down the hall back toward this room, she adds that her sister insists there is a demon in the corner behind the plant. I step back into the room and take the third picture.

Later, I was going through all of my snapshots and I noticed something odd about the third picture. Look at the plant and on the wall next to the fireplace. Can any of you see it?

The first thing I noticed was the last picture was much brighter than the other two, but...there are other things there that were not in the first two snapshots.


I swear it is not doctored as I am not savvy enough to do those things. I blew up the picture to make sure, too. My husband looked and he sees it. Does anyone else see it? Please tell me I'm not crazy.


Jul. 17, 2017

I was touring an old Confederate (inside a fenced area) and Slave (in the woods) cemetery that is now overrun with grass, tree, and other forest debris.

This graveyard is so old, it dates back to the late 1600's, pre-Revolutionary War days as well as pre-Civil War. Some of the headstones are just leaned up against the trees. Over time, tree roots have pushed the headstones up and dislodged them so people respectfully laid them against the trees for preservation purposes.

I snapped this picture of one of the 1685 (year) gravestones. When I came home and downloaded the pictures, I saw it. I did not see it when I took the snapshot. Do you see what I see?

Jun. 18, 2017

We have a new restaurant in town called Harborside. Before it was the Harborside, it was 5 Rivers. Before that, it was Portifino’s and before then, it used to be the old River Room. The River Room has since moved to their current location and Portifino’s renovated the whole area, even adding on one of the old shops from the Fogel Mall as part of the bar area.

Whenever we’d visit the River Room and I had to use the ladies’ room, I always noticed someone was in there with me. I wasn’t alone. When it became Portifino’s and they put in two stalls, I would always distinctly hear someone in the second stall.

I would hear footsteps come into the room, the stall door open and close, the rustling of the clothes, the toilet paper roll, even the water running in the sink afterwards. I never heard them flush though. When I would go out, there would never be anyone there but me. This happened nine out of ten times and I have to say, it’s never been a creepy or scary feeling. It’s just a pronounced feeling of an unseen presence in the room with you. 

When it was still Portifino’s, I had asked some of the staff if anything strange or unusual happened. I was told sometimes the staff would come in the next day and the lights would be on or things would be moved around and not in the same place as they were left the night before.

While dining at the, now new Harborside Restaurant, I mentioned to the staff about the bathroom ghost and asked them if they, too, noticed anything odd or strange occurrences. The waiter shared that the lights still go on and off and things being moved around.

“Also the TV will be on when we come in,” he added. “Sometimes too, you can hear the music going up and down and no one is close enough to change the volume.”

I did visit the ladies’ room while there, but I did not receive a mysterious visitor this time. When I came back, the waiter came over and asked if it happened again.

“No, not this time,” I confirmed.

“What about the paper towels?” he asked. “When I’m in the men’s room, sometimes it will start unrolling on its own and I’m not anywhere close by to trigger the automatic dispenser.”

My husband shared with me that the building (upstairs above the Fogel Mall) was once an old boarding house and suggested that maybe the haunts are from that era.

I don’t know, but I do know the building is very old and historic. I’m sure many old and current shop owners could add more to this story and very well might. Until then, I will continue to enjoy the delicious and awesome food as well as the place being a local haunt in Georgetown. 

(I snapped a picture of the thick, delicious, home-made New York style Strawberry Cheesecake)

May. 19, 2017


When my husband’s elderly grandmother became ill, the family employed a friend of mine to take care of her. Eleanor practically lived with Nanny up until the day she died. I often wondered if Nanny’s house was haunted. I never could determine if it were because Nanny lived alone and the home just felt empty or if because there really was something else there. I decided to ask Eleanor.

“I’m not sure,” she answered with a laugh. “Sometimes I think it is and other times I don’t know. Every now and then, I’ll hear something in the other room and I know no one is there. You know the house is small; you cannot go past one room without anyone in another room seeing you and it’s just me and Nanny here. I’m sitting with her so it can’t be anyone else.”

Several months later, I stopped in to visit. It was just days before Nanny passed away. Eleanor and I went into the living room to talk and as we sat down, she said to me, “I know the house is haunted now.”

“How do you know?” I asked curiously.

Eleanor motioned to the rocking chair I happened to be sitting in at that moment. “Well, I heard something here in the living room one day so I came in to check and although no one was here, that rocking chair was rocking back and forth all by itself like someone was sitting in it. Then it suddenly stopped as if someone stood up from it.

“And, that’s not all,” she went on. “I heard music one afternoon and when I came in here to check, the music box was playing. Someone had wound it up and sat it back down to play. In all of the months I’ve been here, that has never happened before.”

“Which box?” I asked, as Nanny had several scattered about the living area.

“That one,” Eleanor said, as she pointed to a little white floral music box that Big Daddy (my husband’s grandfather and Nanny’s late husband) had given to Nanny as an engagement present after he had proposed.

“It hasn’t done it again, though,” Eleanor stated when I told her the importance of that particular music box. “But you know, Michelle, I think Nanny is going to leave us soon. I think Big Daddy is here to get her.”

“Why would you say that?” I asked. I was pretty sure she was right, as Nanny’s condition had progressively gotten worse over the course of the last couple of weeks.

“Because, sometimes Nanny is staring off into space as if she’s looking at something and I wonder if she’s seeing him. Also, there are a lot of times when I’m asleep I’ll hear someone call my name. I’m a light sleeper, too, so it doesn’t take much to wake me up. Anyway, I’ll hear someone call for me and when I go to check on her, she’s still asleep. It’s like whoever is calling me wants me to check on her.” Eleanor went on, “There were a few times they called my name like it was urgent and when I checked, Nanny was wake and she always needed something.”

“Was it Nanny calling for you?”

“No,” Eleanor answered, “It is a man’s voice.”

My brother-in-law moved into the house shortly after Nanny’s death. He’s since remodeled it and even added an upstairs to the home. Years later, his two sons were telling me they thought the house was haunted. I thought that interesting so I asked why they came to that conclusion.

“We hear someone walking up and down the hallway at night,” Kevin, the older boy, answered.

“Maybe it’s Nanny checking on you?” I said reassuringly.

Kenny, the younger boy disagreed. “Nope, the footsteps are heavy, like a man’s. I was thinking it was Big Daddy checking out the new renovations.”

“It could be your dad,” I offered.

Again, Kenny disagreed. “No, sometimes it’s late at night. My dad isn’t getting out of bed and checking on us at that hour.”

“Besides,” Kevin added, “It’s not just the footsteps. Sometimes you hear things in another room when it’s real quiet or you see something move out of the corner of your eye. It’s just different things.”

I mentioned it to my brother-in-law one time. He’s convinced the boys are only building on my ghost stories. “I figured you told them about Big Daddy and Eleanor,” he stated.

“No, I never, ever, told them anything about that,” I insisted. “I didn’t want to frighten them so I just kept it to myself.”

As if he wasn’t entirely sure I didn’t say something to the boys, my brother-in-law asked, “So how do they know the house is haunted?”


(The music box image is the art of Phillip Light)

Mar. 24, 2017

I was at work one day and one of the electrical workers came in to talk. I can’t remember his real name but everyone called him Jaws on account of his very thick chin, like Jay Leno’s. While sitting at my desk Jaws shared with me something that had just happened to him the previous weekend.

“I had gone home to visit the wife and kids and on the way there, I had the strangest thing happen to me. I had decided to take a different route because of the traffic. I knew if I went through our town I would probably run into heavy traffic, as it was a Friday night. Instead, I went around the long way and took all the back roads and state routes that lead out to our farm so I wouldn’t have to deal with the frustration of other drivers.

“As I’m going down this empty patch of road around nine O’clock at night, I noticed an old man walking on the side. He had a cane and was a little hunched over from age. He had one of the humps on his back, you know, from being old. Anyway, I pulled up alongside of him, rolled down the window and asked if he needed a ride anywhere.”

“You know you shouldn’t pick up hitchhikers,” I stated casually. “Remember Pee Wee Gaskins? He used to pick up hitchers and then kill them.”

“Yeah, I know,” Jaws conceded, “But it was a dark highway and there wasn’t another house for miles. I didn’t want him out there by himself; he was old. He didn’t stop walking but he did look up at me and wave his cane like he was acknowledging me or something. I remember he had a toothless grin, too.”

“He didn’t speak?” I asked.

“No, he didn’t say anything. He just kept walking. It was almost like he didn’t really understand me even though I asked him twice before giving up trying to help. As I drove off, I kind of laughed to myself that maybe he was a ghost and that was why he didn’t seem to understand me.

“Anyway, about ten or fifteen minutes later, I see him again. This time, he’s ahead of me. No cars had passed me so I know he didn’t get a ride and then get dropped off, but here he was, ahead of me. I slowed down as I passed to get a good look and make sure it was the same guy, and it was. He looked up, raised his cane hello and grinned at me with that same toothless smile.”

I sat up and leaned on the desk as I laughed. “Get out of here, Jaws! You’re pulling my leg.”

Jaws shook his head, “No, no, I’m serious. I drove on past. As I was going, I paid particular attention to my surroundings. There was a light pole about 100 feet to my left that apparently was going to have some utility work done on it because it had a big neon orange mark on it. I was kind of like marking my area like someone who is lost in the woods might do by marking a tree, only the light pole was already marked. The rest of the highway all looked the same so that pole was important for me to keep up with in case it happened again.

“Just as I was thinking my turn was coming up; the same thing happened again. I passed the old man; he waved his cane, smiled and kept going. I looked for the light pole that was supposed to be about 100 feet away and there was the same light pole I had mentally marked with the same big neon orange mark from some utility worker. I started to panic and think that maybe I was just too tired having worked all day and then drove all afternoon to get home.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “I have had some weird experiences, too, but nothing like that.”

“The road kept on a straight path. The intersection I was to turn at never came up so when it happened a fourth time, I started to really freak out,” Jaws went on. “This time, I did a 3-point turn in the middle of the highway and headed back in the other direction. The old man, who should have literally been walking by me, again, had vanished. He had totally disappeared! I started driving in the opposite direction to see if I could get out of this crazy groundhog night.”

“Apparently, you succeeded,” I concluded as he was sitting across from me telling the story.

“Yeah, I did,” Jaws agreed as he rubbed his forehead, “The other strange thing was when I finally got home, it was almost 9:30, but it should have been much later than that. I had driven past that old man and had spent at least an hour driving that same highway at least four times. However, no time had lapsed. It was as if I was in a different dimension until I finally turned around and went back in the other direction.”

Through the years, I occasionally think of that story Jaws told me. From time-to-time I wondered if he really were just telling me a fantastic story or did that really happen to him. That was twenty years ago and I have yet, until now, shared that story with anyone.

The reason I share it now is because I’m on a Facebook page that features true –life ghost stories and events. One of the members in the group shared a story almost identical to this one with just a little variation to the tale. At first, I thought it was Jaws retelling his story and I had accidently stumbled upon him until I realized it was a female member and not a man sharing the experience. Unlike Jaws who was alone when this happened, this young lady was with friends of hers.

Others have commented on her post and mentioned they, too, shared similar experiences, also with slight variations. Having read all of their comments, I’m going to go out on a limb in saying, my friend Jaws, really did experience a groundhog night.