Mar. 24, 2017

The Ornament Gift Exchange Party

I usually feel awkward in social settings and get-togethers. As a result, I frequently avoid them. Even “lunch with the girls,” is sometimes too much for my social skills. Because of this, my daughter says I’m antisocial. She’s probably right.

In spite of my antisocialism, I always enjoy the company of my friend Penny. We go to lunch every now and then and frequently talk on Facebook. I always feel at ease and comfortable with her so when she and her husband Rob threw an Ornament Gift Exchange Party, I accepted their invitation.

When I told my husband and son where we were going and for what reason they looked at me skeptically. “She’s really going to a party,” my son marveled at my husband.

With a short laugh, my husband answered, “Yes, I guess she is.”

And so we did. We arrived on time and placed our ornaments by the tree. Penny had Christmas music playing to set the mood and her home was beautifully decorated and filled with the Christmas Spirit. She and Rob had an oyster bar in the backyard manned by Rob and some friends. In the kitchen was a mashed potato bar, finger foods, drinks and spirits, and of course, no party is complete without the sweet treats.

One by one and two by two, friends arrived for the gala. Glennie, Janae and her husband Jamie were already there when we came in along with Rob and friend Nash. Rachel and Kat arrived and within a few minutes Andy and Skyler followed them in. At some point, I looked up and there was a young man, Ricky, standing amongst us in the kitchen. He just suddenly appeared like Santa and his eight flying reindeer.

Sancho, Penny’s huge lab, was so excited to see everyone. He was sure to visit each of us with lots of sweet doggy nuzzles. Roscoe, Sancho’s little friend, came with Nash. He was just as excited and loving and if you saw what I saw, you’d know Roscoe was just a little too friendly with Sancho. I kept telling him he was being a little light in the paw. He didn’t care though. Roscoe and Sancho had being terribly adorable down to a science.

While everyone mingled and talked, Glennie played bartender making delicious drinks for all of us. I have no idea what they were called but they were served in a Martini glass and very tasty. I drank two of them which is another thing I do not often do.

Finally, after a lot of talking, a little eating, a little drinking, and lots of picture taking, Rob read the Christmas Ornament story that began the exchange of gifts between party guests. It was a blast. Some of the girls were even fighting over Penny’s (Christmas) balls. There are pictures to prove it, too.

To say the evening was festive is an understatement. Penny and Rob were the perfect host and hostess and graciously catered to all of their guests. It was really a lot of fun and I so enjoyed myself. This is another Christmas memory that will last me a lifetime. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Barbour for such a wonderful evening and making me feel very comfortable in your home. Until we meet again … Merry Christmas!

Pictures of the festivities can be found on my Cranky Old Hag/Facebook Page.

P/S Those two martini glasses full of whatever Glennie made, kicked my Cranky Old Ass! I came home and crashed.