Mar. 25, 2017

The Cookie Sheet

Husband: Where's the rectangle cookie sheet at?
Me: We (son and I) threw it away.
Husband: Why did you do that?
Me: Because it was rusted and had holes in it. We need a new one and I keep forgetting to get one.
Husband: You did not throw it away!
Me: (giving him a retarded look behind his back) Yes, we threw it out a while ago.
(I know this because we had to hide from him to throw it away so he would not know)
Husband: Are you sure?
Me: Yes! I'm sure we threw it away!
Husband: This one right here?
I turned to look and he had the bigger cookie sheet. I am so relieved he didn't find the other one.
Me: Apparently, if you're holding it, that is not the one we threw out.