Mar. 25, 2017

Boxes Boxes Boxes

Because of our eBay store, my husband frequently brings home boxes so we can send packages out. He’s very possessive about those boxes, too. He once told my son not to use a box because we might need it for something else.

“Yeah, like now,” my son said in exasperation.

With good intentions, he had overdone bringing home the boxes. My son decided he was breaking a few of them down and taking them to work with him. He asked his dad which vehicle he planned to take to work.

“The blazer,” my husband answered.

So casually, my son put on some shoes and then strolled through the living room with an arm full of broken down cardboard boxes. He walked out and put them into the back of my truck that he planned to drive to work.

About an hour before it was time for my son to leave, my husband said, “Never mind, I think I’m going to drive our truck. Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” my son answered. He slipped on a pair of shoes and went outside. He transferred all of the boxes over to the blazer and came back inside.

Thirty minutes later, my husband announces he will take the blazer since our truck is low on gas. My son, slightly irritated, asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” my husband says. My son slips on a pair of shoes and goes outside. He moves the boxes to the back of our truck again.

As he was walking out the door to go to work my husband said, “Wait! Your mom gave me some gas money, so I guess I’ll go ahead and just take our truck.”

My son rolls his eyes and then leaves. He calls me later and tells me what happened. All I can do is laugh. The next morning, my son goes outside to check the back of the truck and all of the boxes are gone. He says nothing but comes in and waits it out to see if his dad is going to say something. He knows he is busted so he steadies himself for the bitch-fest he thinks his father is going to unleash upon him.

It is far and few between that my husband will throw anything away. If we ask him to throw out something, he will often complain, find reasons to keep things, or he'll hide it from us so we'll just think he threw something away.

Several days go by and nothing is said. Curiosity is getting the better of him so he casually mentions the boxes to his dad who, much to our surprise, answers, “Yeah, I threw them out. I don’t remember putting them in the back of the truck, though, but I figured we didn’t need them so I threw them away. Did you put them back there or something?”

My son offers a little laugh and says quite nonchalantly, “Yes, I was going to throw them out, too.”