Mar. 25, 2017

Gas Caps

I was sitting on the couch one afternoon and I heard my son behind me. He had picked up a Walmart bag that someone had strategically hidden behind other things. I wasn’t really paying much attention to it until he held it up and asked, “What are all of these?” then I sat up and looked.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” my husband answered trying to sound very casual and nonchalant.

“Open it up and look,” I instructed.

My son opens the bag and starts to pull something out. Quickly, my husband says, “It’s just a bunch of gas caps.”

An instant image came to my mind as I remembered so many times my husband and I would be driving down the highway and he’d see something in the middle of the road. All of a sudden, he would turn and go back, open his car door, and then swoop down and pick something up. It was usually a gas cap. I couldn’t resist giving my husband a look of reprieve.

“Why do you have a bag of gas caps?” my son inquired. Being well aware of the hoarding issues I have with my husband, Reese knew his father was hiding these things from me hence, being placed in a secluded spot.

“You can just throw those out,” my husband offered flippantly.

Like me, my son also knew his dad was only making the gesture because he thought I would intervene and say, “Oh it’s okay, just put them down, we’ll do something with them later,” instead, I said, “Yeah, go ahead and just throw those out, son. We don’t need them.”

My son said, “Okay, no problem,” and walked to the trash and tossed them.

My husband was so angry that he started throwing a temper tantrum until my son pointed out that it was he who said to throw them away in the first place. Rest assured, if there is something I need in this house, it’s probably here, including an old gas cap that no one ever uses anymore.