Oct. 9, 2017

Jody Ward's Hearing

Jody’s Hearing 

Jody Ward just had a hearing on the 2nd of October. Several things were discussed, one of which being he wanted to represent himself with his lawyer being co-counsel and the judge ruled against it.

Self-Representation.—The Court has held that the Sixth Amendment, in addition to guaranteeing the right to retained or appointed counsel, also guarantees a defendant the right to represent himself.262 It is a right the defendant must adopt knowingly and intelligently; under some circumstances the trial judge may deny the authority to exercise it, as when the defendant simply lacks the competence to make a knowing or intelligent waiver of counsel or when his self-representation is so disruptive of orderly procedures that the judge may curtail it. The right applies only at trial; there is no constitutional right to self-representation on direct appeal from a criminal conviction.263” (copied from Jusita US Law ©)

We also heard motions about prosecutorial misconduct in where the previous solicitor (several times removed) had withheld evidence. Motions were made for a retrial, a new hearing for the above mentioning of offenses, all of which were overruled and denied.

Jody’s lawyer did point out that he had already been granted another hearing by another judge so this one decided he would reconsider and then let him know at a later date (undetermined date at this time). I felt his lawyer could have been more aggressive and even expressed that to him following the hearing.

I was a little confused because the judge is not the trial judge, but the resident judge so I didn’t understand how he could rule on whether to let him represent himself with co-counsel. I know judges can do a lot of things, even if it is to dismiss another’s ruling on a hearing, but it just makes me question the situation. I don’t understand all the ins and outs of a lot of things pertaining to law, however, after watching the hearing, it made me question what was really going on.

Jody is adamant that he was railroaded. Was he…?

Jody is equally adamant that it was someone else who murdered the two young men. Was it someone else…? 

“The truth is, Jody, the only ones who know what really happened that night are you, the two victims, and God.”

“And the one who killed those boys,” he added.

We’ve had several conversations in which he has always maintained his innocence in taking part of the actual murders. Impressively, everything he tells me and repeats later has been consistent. It’s always the same unwavering story.

I don’t know what happened that night, I can only tell you what he says, what I see, and offer my own views on what I have seen. In the end, my heart goes out to all the families affected by this: his and the victims.