Written by Kerri Thomas

Mar. 25, 2017

Growing up with a biker-dad, I’m well aware of the lifestyle of bikers. Concerning my father’s club brothers, most of them were criminals. When I was a teenager the running joke was, “The FBI doesn’t know where their most wanted list is, but I do; they are sleeping at our house tonight.”

I grew up knowing Tony Martinelli had Mafia ties and that he and my father were very good friends. My father never trusted anyone, not even his wives, and he had plenty of them to choose from. However, if there was one person I could say he trusted more than any other, it was Tony.

I wanted a better understanding of why I was forced to grow up in the environment that he created for my younger siblings and me. I felt I could do that by writing his story.

“I can’t tell you everything. I will take many of my stories with me to the grave,” he conceded. “And I will not apologize for anything I’ve done either so do not expect one.”

“Why can’t you tell me everything,” I pushed. “I want to know the whole story.”

He thought before he answered and then slowly said, “Because I know my time is short. I know that I’m dying and if it got out the things I’ve done, the government would pay to keep me alive just to execute me for the crimes I’ve committed.”

As I listened to some of the things he told me, I realized his relationship with both entities, the bikers and the Mob, ran a whole lot deeper than I ever imagined. I discovered my father did contract hits mostly for the Mafia. He often hid under their cloak of invisibility with them providing him “air-tight alibis.” Them being both entities.

Because he refused to share all of the details with me, or even many of his crimes, which included, but not excluded, rape, murder, bombings, arson and so on, we both decided I would write his story as a fictional novel “inspired by true events.” And so I did.

In all of the years he committed crimes he never got caught. He’s done less than three years' time in prison and it was for something unrelated to his contract hits or affiliations. Scot Free is just the beginning. I’ve written two sequels to this story, a trilogy, as my father progressed and improved his craft of murder and deceit.

Put your feet up and turn the page. Get lost in the story as my father and I allow you insight to what it's like to be Mafia affiliated with a biker's background in a "fictional story inspired by true events." Here's a chance for you, the reader, to see what it was like to get away with murder … literally.

*I would very much love to see this on the big screen so, if you know anyone who is into making movies, please, send them my way.