Mar. 26, 2017

Photo Advice for Women on Tinder

1. You are allowed five photos so make the first one your best.

2. Your best photo should NOT be you in your wedding dress.

3. None of your photos should have a dude photo shopped out with his arm still around your shoulder.

4. Photos with you and your last Tinder date? Puhleeze.

5. If all five photos are you with your girlfriends, WHICH ONE IS YOU?

6. The kissy/fish lip thing is kinda played.

7. The profile below your photo should be simple and not cluttered with demands like, "Hi, I like TALL HANDSOME men who will take me to Europe and who are generous to a fault. NO OLD BALD MEN who work in Bergenfield (I take that one personally)."

8. OMG, let a friend take a look at your photos before you post them. They are easy to take nowadays so they don't have to be out of focus, from 50 feet away, too dark, or have you stuck in the upper left corner. OK, there is more but I have to get to my sister's house. Later

-David Volpe