Mar. 26, 2017

What Women Want

After analyzing 714 Tinder profiles, the average woman is 5'8" tall in heels (i.e. NO short men), wants someone to make them laugh (A clown), enjoys fine dining (Take me out), loves to travel (Take me on trips), does not want a texting relationship (Feed me NOW Seymor), and are either a hair stylist, airline stewardess, yoga instructor, or the CEO of a corporation they founded (Own a one person company which makes no money).

They will not cross the Hudson River from NYC to NJ but they LOVE to hike (Really?), does not want a "hook-up" (Oh yeah, TINDER is the answer), are not fat but "curvy" (Fat), rides horses and skis (again, really?), and are in their 40's (i.e. 50's - 70's).

For some reason, 5'9" health officers living on an island are NOT what they want lol.

-David Volpe