May. 23, 2017

A Letter to Sally Peterson


Sally Peterson , in answer to your letter from 44 years ago lol, which I never full addressed; I am more of a story teller than a liar. I might enhance the actual event just a tad to make it more exciting than it actually was. This probably started at a very young age due to low self-esteem and continues today as a matter of habit. In my defense, MOST of my stories are actually TRUE!

I have been asked, "how could SO many things have happened to you in one lifetime?"

The answer is simple; I deliberately place myself in certain situations that others might avoid, or, I will plan or instigate the event.

Luckily for me, my brother is only one of three people to actually reach my face out of anger lol. My father told me that I should either run track so I could escape FAST or wrestle so i could defend myself so I did BOTH! I guess that is the short version.