Nov. 6, 2017


During my single days after college there was an ad in the paper that Chippendales in NYC was going to start allowing men inside AFTER "The Show." I thought that this would be a great way to meet women because I would be entering after they got the women all heated up.

I arrived on time (10 pm-ish?) and was one of the first men to enter. First of all, there was an actually seating area where the women watched "The Show" which I now refer to as the gauntlet because as I walked in front of that area I endured comments like "Look at THAT one, what a laugh" and "He's got to be kidding."

The real insult came a short time later when I went to the men's room. As I was turning around after using the urinal I accidently brushed against one of the "performers" who was walking behind me.

I said, "sorry" to which he replied, "sure you are buddy."

The highlight of my evening was a pretty decent "Jackson Five" video/collage. I did not meet anyone though.

The End.