Nov. 15, 2018

Ton-ton Sausage

The question asked of me today on FB, what was the grossest food you ever ate? This was my true answer: Ok, France on my Honeymoon..cold, drizzling, terrorist bombs exploding, and “The Dinner.”

I asked the waiter, “Do you speak English?”

he said, "NO."

I pride myself on eating anything so I randomly picked a dinner. Something that looked like a giant sausage appeared and it looked bad, and reeked a little.

Remember that scene from Star Wars when Han Solo cuts open the TonTon to keep Luke warm? I cut into this thing and the odor was overwhelming, like DOODY.

Then, I asked the waiter, I kid you not, “ People EAT THIS HERE? (My diplomatic skills were weak)."

I bravely took a mouthful and swallowed: It tasted as bad as it smelled. Later, I found out it was “Stuffed Intestine,” which, I guess, is a sausage?