Jul. 28, 2019

Nantucket (1982)

(1982) - One of my many crushes was a champion collegiate swimmer named Tracy. I was invited to stay at the family house one summer in Nantucket. They got to fly there in their private plane, I was gifted the right to drive.

You see, Nantucket is an island and it costs money to ferry your car over but there is a pay lot on the mainland. Tracy's brother said, "I know the owner of the gas station near the pay lot, park there for free."

Nantucket is a nice place to visit, but can get a little pricey. Tracy and I bicycled around and I had fun exploring the fields filled with poison ivy, ticks, holly, and sticker bushes. My only adventure was getting mistaken for a local at a club one night by at least TWO different people.

"Hey Jimbo, where the F have you been lately?" Jimbo seemed like a trouble maker and these were bikers so I got out of there fast.

What else, I tried making clam chowder from scratch with no recipe and no knowledge of how to make clam chowder. It was incredibly bad! The point to this whole story is, Tracy was one of a hundred women who I would be in the friend zone forever because I have NO courage to "make a move," even when moves are presented.

This keeps me out of trouble, even to this day lol. And so, I arrived back at my car only to find the hood smashed in by the gas station people who couldn't fathom why someone would park their car on private property.