Feb. 24, 2021

College Wrestling

I suddenly feel the need to "come clean" about my HS/College wrestling "career." Some people assumed I was good, some people I led on to believe I was good. Point is, I was never good, just stuck with it because it was a family thing (Dad, Brother) and I didn't want to be a quitter.

This photo was my press picture for winning second place in the sub-varsity New England Championships. You see, I had graduated from one of the most powerful HS wrestling schools in Bergen County then walked on to the most powerful wrestling college in New England. It was intimidating and in retrospect, I think I started late and was too gentle natured.

Freshman year of college: the top two wrestlers in each weight class made the team, the varisty man getting a full scholarship, second string 50%. Most of the boys that made varsity were recruited, thus I ended up being second to a New York State champion who kicked my ass for two years (He was a good person). In our weight class was of course an NCAA Champion from Yale which is another story.

I transferred to Rutgers, had to "red shirt” a year, then became a "Scarlet Knight" for the next two years. Rutgers was a whole new game. It was not in the easier New England Division but in the "Easterns," an NCAA Division 1 league. Again, I made the team, but second string.

Those years we had one of the greatest collegiate wrestlers of all time in my weight class (Mike Frick? Another story. Ask my friend Roy Preefer about their match lol).

My fond memories included meeting and working out with Olympic bound wrestlers, having black eyes and mat burns all the time, and feeling proud I stuck it out to the last day. I wish I was as talented as many of my FB friends who can sing, act, dance, play instruments, make spaceships lol, you know who you are! In the end, we have to be who we are and be proud of the gifts God gave us. Whew, I feel better. 

-Dave Volpe