Apr. 5, 2021

Happy Easter 2021

Happy Easter and recent Passover. Here are a few past Easters picked at random. Without Googling, this is what I heard happened: Jesus was laid to rest in a cave and they rolled a huge rock across the entrance. He woke up this morning like 2000 years ago and he pushed on the rock while some man, maybe an angel, outside pulled, and together they moved the rock.

The man decided to hang around in case people had questions so Jesus said, "I am going for a walk, won't everybody be surprised."

Anyway, Jesus walked into the homes of all his old friends, family, and business associates called disciples. Now, he didn't look like he used to so they were skeptical so he had to show them the marks from the crucifixion.

Also, he said things like, "Peter, remember the time I told you the joke about the donkey and the peasant" and stuff like that I imagine.

And so, he partied for 39 days and nights and everyone was happy. Around the 40th day, he said goodbye to everyone. This time, he wanted witnesses so the whole world would believe the story.

Much to everyone's surprise and awe, his whole body ascended into heaven (Only one of three that ever had that honor). If cells had been invented there would be an amazing video!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.