Dec. 18, 2021


I first met Chris (Right) when he was a volunteer at the Hackensack Health Department when he was 15 years old (Right?). He told me he wanted to be a Health Inspector (Seriously lol?).

He later had an internship with Hack/Bergenfield then continued to work his way into a fulltime job in Hack. I was there when he got the news that he passed the NJ State Inspector’s Exam and the “WHOOP” he yelled out almost gave me a heart attack.

He was so proud of the Hack jacket he received and wears it all the time. Fast forward to yesterday when he was elected Vice-President of the newly formed Northern New Jersey Public Health Association at the age of, ummmm, 25?

Enjoy your tactical sunglasses Chris! (As seen on TV LOL) Oh, happy rainy Saturday! I am not taking my PJ’s off.