Written by Michelle Cox

Mar. 26, 2017

I have been on the Internet since 1995 and have watched it evolve over time into what it is today. I have been an active participant in chatrooms and in gaming sites and lobby activity. I have compiled the different personalities of one particular chatroom and the drama involved with Internet life.

When I signed online, we had Windows 3.1, our primary Internet service was an Internet using 3.0, and it was awesome. It was not as it is today with all these different conglomerates of Internet access. The only drawback was we had to pay 99 cents for each minute we were online. My brother-in-law and my husband decided that with my personality, it was meant for me; this was my stage. They were so right. By the first $9.90 session (about ten minutes), I was hooked. Fortunately, within months the Internet became unlimited for $14.99 a month.

I have decided the Internet is addictive and, admittedly, I am just as addicted as the next guy. How addictive is it? People have lost their jobs, marriages, children, and worse, they’ve lost their Internet over this addiction.

For legal purposes and to protect the innocent, I have changed or altered all screen names including mine. The stories and incidents are real; the people are real. You cannot make this stuff up. Although, I did try to keep things in their proper timeline, I did not put things in their exact chronological order. I kept the beginning at the beginning, the middle events around the center of our time and likewise with the end of our time together. Please bear in mind, these stories are based on information I knew about and witnessed, things people have told me then and now, and I’ve written them how I perceived them to be. There was no need to embellish except to put them into words.

Some of the same characters I will be telling you about will pop up under different personas. There was a lot of drama involved with many of the names. It might carry you through a range of thoughts and emotions some of which will be tragic, sad, hilarious, and let’s not forget, insane.

This particular chatroom, Physicians Online, was more than a chatroom on the Internet; it was our home. Here, we bonded. We met each other in person, had annual parties and sporadic events, and spent our lives together here in cyber-space. We became virtual brothers and sisters, even behaving badly as if Mom and Dad were out of town for the weekend.

The parties were legendary, Splat in her scuba suit one year, a dominatrix outfit another, FlyBoyDoc in his ill-fitting red dress and unshaven hairy legs or, Irish Mike wearing GreekLvr’s boobs on his head (I think that was the same party Greek brought a blow up sheep for the men). Whatever the case was, you can believe those parties were outrageous.

I wanted to share my experiences with the world and let them see and, hopefully feel, a little of what I felt back then when the Internet was still so very new. As I describe the different people with whom I came into contact, you will start to see the sagas unfold. For those less experienced, you are about to get an eye full of what goes on behind a computer screen and the craziness that goes with it. To paraphrase The Outer Limits, “Do not adjust your pages. The story you are about to read, really happened, on the Internet.”