Mar. 27, 2017

Robert (Santa) Holt

The Santa Claus


We have a gentleman here in Georgetown, Robert Holt, who bears a striking resemblance to Santa Claus. My children, especially my son, have grown up with him. He’s had the white hair and beard every since we’ve known him. More than that he’s had a Santa suit and every Christmas you can find he and Mrs. Claus around town doing pictures and talking to children about what they want for Christmas.

I seek him out every year, not for my children sake, but for myself. I love that he embraces his appearances of the mythical character of Santa Claus whom has always been my favorite Christmas icon. Santa inspires make believe, he stirs imagination and creativity all the while putting a little sparkle into the holidays.

I’m sure his daughter, Amy, would disagree having grown up with a real-life Santa living under the same roof and calling him Dad. My son brought that up to Santa one day. “What did Amy think about you being Santa?”

Santa laughed and told us about the time he’d picked his father up so he could spend the weekend with the family. “I had gone to pick Amy up after school and I had my dad with me. Earlier that day I had a Santa engagement so I was still in my Santa suit when I got to the school. My dad, who was suffering Alzheimer’s, was in the front seat.

“When the school let the kids out, I got out of the car and greeted them, talking and passing out candy. Well, Amy spotted me,” he laughed. “How could she miss me, right? I’m dressed in full gear and I’ve got a crowd of kids around me. She was so embarrassed and mad with me. My dad, on the other hand, had no idea what was going on. He was just tickled to death he was riding around town with Santa Claus.”

I could only imagine Amy throwing sugar cookies around the gingerbread house when she got back to the North Pole. Poor Rudolph to have to endure her wrath.

“I remember one time,” Santa went on, “We were at some event at the high school and Amy was on the cheerleading squad. I probably shouldn’t have done it but I just couldn’t resist. When everything was real quiet I shouted out, ‘Hey Amy! Whose your Daddy?’ She sat down on the floor and buried her head.”

These are great stories and I'm sure he's got many more to tell. Thank you Robert Holt for contributing to this beautiful town of Georgetown. You're the perfect Santa Claus.