Mar. 27, 2017

Mayor Jack Scoville

I Back Jack! 


While asking around regarding interesting people to write about, I had a few suggest I include the mayor of our fine city on my blog for the People of Georgetown segment. Taking their suggestion, I went by his office, Scoville Law Offices, on Front Street and talked with Jack for about an hour.

We talked about a variety of things: politics, religion, law and what’s it’s like to be the mayor and so on. It’s hard to believe we talked about so much in such a short amount of time, but I found him very easy to talk with.

He and his wife have lived in Georgetown for over 37 years having moved here just weeks after getting married. She was a professional ballerina when they met and later became an educator. They made the decision to live in Georgetown and raise their three children here because as Jack explained, “We felt we should live where we wanted to retire, not save up money all those years and then move to where ever. I‘ve always wanted to live on the beach so, here we are.”

Jack is a trial lawyer dealing mostly with criminal law and real estate law. “I’m just an old country lawyer,” he says of his career. “And I’ve always enjoyed being a lawyer.”

Keeping with the persona of being an old country lawyer, Mayor Scoville’s hobbies include fishing and hunting, especially quail. He did receive a look of reprieve from me when he mentioned the hunting part. “You don’t like to hunt?” he asked, seeing my look.

“No, I don’t do the hunting thing. You should just go to the store and buy your hamburger there like everyone else does,” I answered as both of us laughed at the joke.

We talked a little bit about The Harborwalk, a town festival held every year for upwards of twenty years until just recently. He explained how many of the merchants on Front Street didn’t like the festival as it affected their business in a negative way. Attendance to the yearly event had also dropped off by both venders and festival goers. As the mayor, he has attended the festival every year he’s been in office. Thus, this being his second term in office and being a Georgetown resident, Jack and his wife have gone every year for several years.

As with everyone I interview, I try to learn something new. I want to walk away a little wiser than I was when I came in their door. Mayor Scoville did not let me down. I wasn’t aware that as mayor, Jack presided over many of the city officials. I knew he ranked above the chief of police but was surprised to learn the city judge, Judge Robbie O’Donnell, of whom I’ve written earlier, as well. And, though he’s not a councilman, he does participate in city council meetings.

When asked for a funny story, at first Jack couldn’t think of one. “If you had not have asked, I probably could have told you one,” he said laughing.

“I like funny stories,” I explained. “I enjoy writing humor and of course, comedy helps to make people more personable.”

When the question was revisited several minutes later, he shared this with me: “I was a young trial attorney at the time. We were in court and I was hammering away at the prosecution and I was not letting up. The judge called me up to the bench and I thought he was going to commend me on my trial skills and how well I was doing.”

“What did he say?” I asked as I took some notes.

“He said, ‘your zipper is down.’ I was so embarrassed,” he laughed. “Here I thought I was going to get commendation for being a good lawyer and instead, my fly was open.”

Jack is a true Democrat through and through. He runs on the Democrat ballot every year. My husband and I, both Independents, are big supporters of Mayor Scoville. We like his outlook and his direct approach to politics. Go Jack! I, for one, am glad we have a mayor who is not afraid to stand up and say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done, and most importantly, he gets involved with the people of his city.

As a footnote, I just recently, I lost my “I Back Jack” bumper magnet. I meant to pick up another one while in his office and forgot. In the meantime, I will be fingerprinting all vehicles parked on Front Street that have that particular bumper magnet and when I find mine, I’m stealing it back!