Mar. 27, 2017

Mackenzie Hennessy

Apple, Inc


I was out and about in town one evening. I had an appointment to meet up with the next person I was going to interview for my blog. While sitting and waiting, I started talking to Mackenzie Hennessy. I explained about the segment I was writing: The People of Georgetown,” and told her about my blog.

“You can write about me then,” she said in a joking manner.

“Of course I can,” I agreed. I think I was more serious about it than she was.

“Really?” she asked, suddenly caught off guard. Even in her youth, she struck me as the type who’s rarely taken for a loop. “You would write about me?”

I laughed a little then said, “Sure. You don’t have to be a celebrity like Jack Scoville (the mayor) for me to write about you. I’m writing about the people in Georgetown and you are certainly one of the people who make up this town.”

Mackenzie sat down. We began with the basic questions: how old are you (22)? How long have you lived in Georgetown (all my life)? What do you do for a living (I’m an APPLE Specialist)?

“What does an ‘APPLE Specialist’ do?” I asked, somewhat bewildered. I had never heard of that before.

“I do a lot of tech support. I’m trained to help people over the phone with their APPLE products.”

In parenthesis I jotted, not from India, and then asked, “So you’re saying if I had a problem I could call you and you could talk me through the applications?”

Laughing a little she answered, “Absolutely. As long as it’s an APPLE product like I-phone, I-pod, MAC Computer, or I-tunes: something like that. It has to be an APPLE product for sure.”

We talked a little about her life in Georgetown. Although Mackenzie aspires to be a Radiology Technician, she‘s currently working for Time Warner Cable as a sales person. Her mother is Jane Lambert. She was a CNA at the hospital for 14 years. Mackenzie went to school at Waccamaw, in Pawley’s Island, in Georgetown County. Her best friend is Lizzy Baker, “She’s my best friend in the whole world,” she said of Lizzy.

“I bet you know my nephew Kenny?” I said while taking notes.

“Oh yes! I know Kenny. He’s a very good friend of mine. I play the piano and he’s a flute player. He’s very good at it too,” she said of my family member.

“Kenny is a very astute musician: he’s a musical prodigy,” I said agreeing with her. “He’s been musical his whole life.

We talked a little more about different people in town that we both knew. She mentioned Cody and Dillion Sanders. I knew them when they were babies and have just recently rekindled my acquaintances with Cody. “I have a funny story to share about the three of us,” she said offering her 1,000 watt smile.”

“G’head, hit me,” I said joining in her enthusiasm.

“We were driving down the road, Cody was driving. We were in his Mama’s car and he was scrunched up to the steering wheel,” she demonstrates being crowded against the wheel.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” I said, “Vera (Cody and Dillion’s mom) is short.”

“Yes! Anyway, we’re going down the road at about 60 mph when Cody asked me if there was enough room for him to back up. I kept looking out the back window for traffic and assuring him he was in the clear.” She laughs a minute and then adds, “He was wanting to move his seat back because he was so cramped up at the wheel, not drive in reverse. They still won’t let me live that down.”

“Are you a true blonde, Mackenzie?” I asked laughing at her story.

“Uhm, yeah, I am, but my roots are a little darker now.” Then she tells me how she made two gallons of coffee one night thinking she had, instead, made two gallons of tea.

It was about that time, Phil, the person I had come to interview, came in through the door so I wrapped things up with Mackenzie. I enjoyed talking with her as she spoke of the different townspeople she’s grown up with. Georgetown is not that big of a town and it’s not uncommon to bump into someone who knows someone else you might know.

For what it’s worth, talking with Mackenzie only cemented my belief that everyone has a story to tell. Even the people who appear ordinary in our lives are really extraordinary people. There’s something interesting about every person you meet. In my case, Mackenzie Hennessy is a very beautiful extraordinary person found in the most ordinary of places: a restaurant.